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We can create our own style in our business with a good table setting.

To continue with the previous post about the assembly of the table, once the plates and cutlery are placed, the second elements that are placed are the glasses and the napkins.

Cups and glasses

The formal order is the largest glass to serve the water, to the right ofi t you must place the glass of red wine and then the white wine. Finally, if there is a glass of cava, you should place it next to the white wine glass. Another correct rule for placing cups and glasses may be in order of service.

The cups are placed in front of the plate. They can be placed in a straight row, diagonally to the plate, or making a curve. Always slightly moved to the right of the diner dish so it does not occupy all its front.

The glasses should be all of the same glassware, sharing the same design, shape, size and color.

Usually, you can simply place a glass or a glass of water and a glass of wine. In restaurants, glassware pieces are usually placed by default. Later, you can have more drinks, or change them for different ones depending on the drink requested by the customer. When you change the brand or add wine you should also change the glasses.

Also, if there is a minor guest and you can not drink alcohol, you must remove the wine glasses.

To finish the meal, you can offer some liquor that will be offered in another smaller glass or glass of liquor.

If you are going to serve coffee during the meal, you have to place the cup and the plate to the right of the smaller cup.

If you are only going to serve coffee with dessert, you do not need to place the cup from the beginning.

It is not necessary to place the coffee cup from the beginning if it is only going to be served in the dessert.

The cups should be clean and transparent, avoiding scratched or damaged parts.

The correct cleaning of the glasses are elements that can help you to leave your clients impressed and eager to return to your establishment. Our cups and glasses polishers will provide a professional and totally hygienic drying.


They are an essential element whether for a formal event or for any other less formal celebration.

The napkins have to be made of cloth and will go with the tablecloth. You should place them on the plate or on the left of the first fork.

They can be rolled in a cylindrical shape or with decorative folds to give a more beautiful touch.

The napkin should not get inside the cup, this is not elegant at all.

You now have the table perfectly assembled to serve your guests! Receive them with a big smile and do not forget that how you treat them is fundamental.

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