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Vegetal polishing grain

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The vegetable granulate used by our cutlery polishers is a high-quality drying granulate, consisting of specially treated corn cob abrasives. Thanks to a special screening and classification, it hardly generates dust and is made up of grains of the appropriate sizes to carry out its task efficiently and avoid leaving any residue.

The granulate is highly absorbent. It is completely biodegradable and not dangerous for health. Gives a perfect finish to all types of cutlery, removing any limescale stains or drops of water.

In addition, the drying granules are previously subjected to a special treatment so that you obtain an absolutely sterilized product.

The benefits at a glance

  • Drying your cutlery without leaving stains
  • Drying medium based on corn cob abrasives
  • Minimal dust formation
  • Sterilized product

Over time, the drying granule requires replacement to maintain a perfect finish at all times. In general, the ideal is to replace it every 4 months.

The drying granules are shipped in practical packages containing 3 refills with the exact dose for each dryer model. The drying granules must be protected from moisture and mechanical influences during storage.


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