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Polisher microfiber brushes

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The sets of brushes for the glass polisher are made in a special microfiber with a very high absorbent capacity.
The brushes of natural, flexible and absorbent fibers can be adapted to different types of glasses and cups getting a very professional shining of your glassware.

It can be easily removed for cleaning from time to time. It must be washed by hand with a neutral soap, and leave it drying at environment temperature.

It is recommended to replace it with the pass of time in order to get a perfect finish always, as the brushes will be deteriorated once we are using it every day. This deterioration will depend on the hours of use and the maintenance by the user.
We have sets of five and eight brushes for our models of glass polishers. As well, we have a special brush for champagne glasses with a size that can be adapted to any type of narrow glass.

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