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SH7000 Cutlery Polishers

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Automatic cutlery dryer that not only dries but also polishes and removes the lime marks from your cutlery, Stainless Steel and Silver ones, after washing it.

It is equipped with a UV lamp that sterilizes granulate made of corn that will dry and polish the cutlery. We have also installed a fan motor with a heating element to finish the drying process and avoids some granulate can goes out from the machine.

Maximum hygiene and security while drying your cutlery. High quality for your cutlery.

It is manufactured in Stainless Steel, something that makes it stronger and more reliable when you are working with it.

Our machines are much quieter due to the great advantage of installing a fan motor at the end of the circuit. This fan motor provides the machine with hot air, so the wet cutlery will be completely dry and it will remove the humidity from the machine.

Production 7000-8000 cutlery/hour
UVC lamp Incorporated. Sterilize cutlery and sawdust.
Ventilador Incorporated into the exit
Consumption 850 w
Voltage 230-110 v /50-60 Hz Single Phase
Net weight 82 kg
Dimensions 62 L x 65/104 D x 87 H cm (Includes depth with folding arms)
Support arms basket Included
Cutlery basket Included
Trolley With Wheels Stand Included
Change Granulate SH7000 Optional

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