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MC1000 Decarbonisers Tanks

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Are you interested in the industrial degreaser MC1000? Contact us to complete the information or consult our online store.

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This is a degreasing machine; a new system of cleaning that will finish with the hard job of removing the grease and dirty from the kitchen and bakery tools (filters, trays, frying pans, pots…).

Add hygiene, disinfection and remove bacteria.

These degrease tanks control the temperature with a thermostat. It will keep the same level of cleanliness during one month, 24 hours a day. You will only need to fill the tank with water, close it and leave the water to be heated; once it happens, you can add the detergent DK-6 (efficient against the grease and other types of dirty). Once the detergent is dissolved the machine will be ready to be used.

Capacity 280 Liters
Operating Temperature 75ºC
Consumption 1400 w
Voltage 230-110 v /50-60 Hz Single Phase
Net weight 108 kg
Internal dimensions 82 L x 51 D x 68 H cm
Dimensions 97 L x 70,5 D x 101 H cm
Biodegradable detergent DK6 for MC1000 Optional

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