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GF1000 Display Glass Froster

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Instant cooling of any type of cups or glasses. It can be installed in any place as it doesn’t need too much space.

lt has a LED display that you could personalize with the next you want. Program it with marketing campaigns or message.

lt improves the taste of your drinks and cocktails as it doesn’t give any flavor and the ice doesn’t melt.

As well, the machine will provide with more hygiene to your service as glasses are sterilized with the cooling process. lmprove the quality of the service at low cost. ldeal for white wines and licors. .

LED light Gas activation pulse
Battery LED AA (1,5V) x 2
Maximum consumption 0.3 A
Voltage 230 – 110V / 50 – 60 Hz
Connection Liquid C02 gas cylindre with dip tube
Room Temperature Lower than 30ºC
Net weight 4,3 kg
Dimensions 13 L x 27 D x 41 H cm
Podium Optional

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