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BC100 Cooking Machine

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Our cooking machine is the perfect solution as it makes a continuous circular movement similar to the one we make with our own hands; however, with the machine we get a constant, eccentric and permanent movement.

It is ideal to make sauces as the Spanish Codfish to “pil-pil” or any other that we need to make a continuous movement to get the ingredients mixed.

The MixChef Machine BC100 makes a circular and continuous movement like the traditional pot’s movement to cook any type of meals and sauces like: codfish to “pil-pil”, risottos, cooked dishes, rice puddings, and so on.

It is made in Stainless Steel and it has feet that can be regulated. It also has one fastener on each side to fix different sizes of pots and pans.

With this machine you could also cook any type of cooked dish that has to be made little by and little and with movement, keeping it hot all the time.

Consumption 1250 w
Voltage 230 v / 50-60 Hz. Single-Phase
Diameter Pot From 22,5 a 45,5 cm
Net weight 10,5 kg
Dimensions 40 L x 53,5 D x 20 H cm

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