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Hospitality owners have always been tormented by grease and dirt while cooking. A lot of time has always been wasted scrubbing away embedded grease and trying to degrease everything. To put an end to these tasks of unnecessary work and time, Frucosol manufactures an innovative cleaning system that puts an end to the hard work of removing grease and dirt from all kitchen utensils (filters, trays, pans, saucepans, etc…) .

And just as it is essential for any kitchen to incorporate a dishwasher or washing machine, in the immediate future, the Frucosol decarboniser tank will have its own space in all the kitchens of restaurants, hotels and communities.


Less time, less work

Cleaning embedded grease can be a difficult and time-consuming task when done manually. With our decarboniser tank, this process is automated, allowing your team to focus on other important tasks. This not only improves productivity but also reduces labor costs, as well as water, energy, etc.


Grease buildup in the kitchen can be a health and safety risk. Not only can it contaminate food, but it also increases the risk of fires. Frucosol decarbonisers Tanks ensure that all utensils and surfaces are free of grease, meeting the strictest hygiene and safety standards.
A cleaner kitchen environment contributes to better quality food preparation. By reducing cross-contamination and eliminating grease residue, you ensure that the dishes served to your customers are fresher and safer, thus improving their experience and satisfaction.

DK6 Degreasing

Our decarbonisers tanks use DK6 degreasing powders. It is a powder detergent, biodegradable and harmless to the skin that will eliminate 100% grease for a full month, in addition to being non-toxic and very friendly to the environment. They are the perfect detergent that easily removes residues that normally appear in a kitchen in the hospitality industry.


At Frucosol we think about all your needs, which is why we put at your disposal 3 sizes of decarbonisers tanks, all equipped with wheels:

• MC500 Decarboniser Tank – It has a capacity of 110 liters.
• MC1000 Decarboniser Tank – It has a capacity of 280 liters.
• MC2000 Decarboniser Tank – It has a capacity of 420 liters.


​Any of the three models, with their simple operation, are designed so that anyone can use them.

You just have to fill the tank with water and close it, let the water heat up and add the Dk-6 detergent, effective on grease and other types of dirt. When the detergent dissolves, we can add all the utensils we want (pots, grills, casseroles, filters, kitchenware, etc…). After waiting a short time for the effectiveness of the detergent and depending on how dirty they are, we will proceed to extract the utensils without traces of grease and completely disinfected.

And that’s all! Fat-free and disinfected utensils with little effort, saving water and energy!

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