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Food safety is a key factor in the hospitality sector. To do this, it is essential that you carry out the HACCP System, a methodology that guarantees safety in all phases, from the reception of the ingredients to the presentation on the plate. In this post you will discover how to implement it and thus ensure food safety and customer satisfaction in your establishment.

What is the HACCP System?

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a systematic approach to identifying, evaluating and controlling risks associated with food safety. All food business operators must implement the HACCP system to comply with current regulations.


7 principles of the HACCP system

1. Hazard Identification: Identify risks at each stage of the food process.
2. CCP Determination: Identify critical points that require control to prevent risks.
3. Establishment of Critical Limits: Define standards for each critical point.
4. Surveillance System: Monitor to maintain established standards.
5. Corrective Measures: Take action if critical limits are exceeded.
6. Verification Procedures: Regularly review the system to ensure its effectiveness.
7. Documentation and Records: Maintain detailed records for audits and continuous improvement.


Implementation of HACCP in Hospitality:

The implementation of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) System in your establishment will require the training of staff in the principles of the system, the identification and control of risks in each phase of the food process, the creation of standards and procedures To keep such risks under control, constant monitoring of compliance with established standards, rapid response to any potential deviations and training of employees for these measures ensure excellence in hospitality and food safety.


Benefits of HACCP in Hospitality:

With the implementation of the (HACCP) system in your business, you will be able to guarantee food safety by controlling contamination risks, improving product quality and consistency, meeting regulatory compliance, improving customer confidence and protecting the reputation of the hotel business. 


In conclusion, in the hospitality industry, food safety is non-negotiable. With the (HACCP) system you will keep everything in order and you will be able to assure your customers quality and safety in each of your dishes. In addition to strengthening reputation, building customer loyalty and avoiding possible risks.

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