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What do customers pay attention to when reviewing a restaurant?


A company recently conducted a study to determine what factors influence customers’ decision to return to a restaurant. These are the results of the investigation.

Food, service, hygiene and value for money turned out to be the key aspects on which participating customers focused their attention.

Food rating:

Clients highlighted this aspect as essential. They expect the dishes to correspond to the description on the menu and advertising. In addition, they value that the menus take health into account and appreciate the inclusion of detailed information about the ingredients of each dish.


The opinions of the clients focus on the kindness in the treatment and the knowledge that the waiters have about the menu and the dishes. 73% of those surveyed stated that they expect attentive service, while 67% stated that if the waiter does not fulfill her role properly, she will not return or recommend the establishment.


Participants indicated that they pay special attention to hygiene. They observe the cleanliness of the premises, the state of the utensils and tablecloths, as well as the shine of the glasses and goblets. Our teams of glass polishers and cutlery polishers make these tasks easier. Bathroom hygiene is also a crucial point in evaluations.

Value for money:

Customers look at whether the price they paid for their restaurant experience was commensurate with the quality of what they received. It is important to note that “quality” includes all aspects of the experience at the establishment. Although the quality of the food is an important factor, it is not the only one considered. The value for money becomes the final synthesis of the restaurant’s evaluation.


The results of the survey provide us with useful information to carry out opinion polls in the restaurant itself and thus define strategies that improve the customer experience.



In the hospitality industry, customer satisfaction is critical to the success of any restaurant. Knowing if customers have left satisfied is crucial to constantly evaluating and improving the experience we offer. Fortunately, there are several ways to obtain this information and use it to raise the level of service we provide. In this post, I will present some strategies to find out if your restaurant’s customers have left satisfied.



One of the most effective ways to tell if customers are satisfied is to simply ask them. Direct feedback can be obtained through a short printed survey at the end of the meal, a suggestion box, or even an informal conversation at the end of the visit. This allows customers to express their opinions, share their experiences and provide constructive feedback.



Online review platforms, such as TripAdvisor, Yelp or Google, provide a valuable source of information on customer satisfaction. Monitor reviews and pay attention to positive and negative comments. Thank customers for their reviews and professionally respond to any concerns raised. These reviews can also serve as a continuous improvement tool.



Social media is a great way to interact with customers and gauge their satisfaction. Observe the comments, mentions and tags related to your restaurant on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Through social media, you can respond directly to customers, show your attention to their needs, and build an online community around your restaurant.



The frequency with which customers return to your restaurant can be an important indicator of their satisfaction. See if you have regular customers and if they are bringing friends and family with them. Repeat visits are a good indication that they are satisfied with the experience you provide.



Perform periodic internal evaluations to measure customer satisfaction. This may include internal surveys conducted by restaurant staff or analysis of data collected from online orders. Analyze the identified areas for improvement and work closely with your team to implement positive changes.


In conclusion, knowing if the customers of your restaurant have left satisfied is essential to maintain and continuously improve the quality of the service. Direct feedback, online reviews, social media, repeat indicators, and internal evaluations are valuable tools for gaining insight into customer satisfaction. Leverage this information to make adjustments, refine your offering, and create an exceptional experience that builds customer loyalty and attracts new diners to your restaurant.

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