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The change of seasons is the perfect time to make sure your restaurant’s exterior does a good job of inviting people in. Take a look at these tips to make your restaurant stand out this spring.


Here we continue with some easy tips to inject a pinch of spring into your restaurant.

Control of delivery and take away

While on-premise dining is expected to increase, take-out and take-out will continue to be popular with consumers. Whether it’s hot or cold temperatures, the weather plays a big role in how food is delivered to customers.

But in preparation for the warmer months, you need to make sure you have proper to-go packaging to keep items cool. For example, the salads or the acai bowls. To ensure proper delivery, you’ll want to invest in insulated bags, ice packs, and containers that will help you separate components by temperature.


Get ready for the spring festivities

The spring season is full of festivities, giving you plenty of opportunities to run promotions to attract customers and increase your revenue.

Mark these popular holidays on your calendar to start planning your promotions: Easter, Mother’s Day, Labor Day, Fairs…

When it comes to the bigger holidays, entice your customers by offering a prix-fixe menu or family-style grab-and-go meal kits.

Consider offering brunch during the spring and summer, so there is a new opportunity to offer promotions each week.


Refresh your decor

Spring symbolizes a warm atmosphere, and as you update your menu, it’s important to refresh your decor at the same time.

Brighten up your counters and tables by adding a small vase of flowers or some greenery with plants. These are inexpensive options that create a gorgeous, Instagrammable visual impact for your restaurant.

Something to keep in mind is that your outdoor space and its décor should feel like a continuation of your indoor space. Use the same color scheme and ambience of your interior.

Give life to your restaurant. Spring is when you should work hard to make your restaurant more attractive. Put up bright and inviting artwork. Set up an outdoor bar.

With the abundance of warmer weather, there will be more potential walk-ins. Make smart use of the exterior design to the best of your ability to make your restaurant stand out, and accommodate a few extra customers.

spring patio restaurant

Renew your marketing

Terrace seating, spring cocktails, and new promotions won’t attract customers. These new customers should be aware of these novelties. Be sure to keep customers informed about upcoming events and special offers, so your efforts don’t go to waste.

Start by reviewing your restaurant’s social media marketing strategy. Take photos of your new dishes, drinks and decor to update your website and use on social media.

Spring is a great time for your restaurant to try new marketing tricks. Seasonal marketing is one of the best ways to reinvigorate your clientele, giving old customers a new reason to stop by and attracting new customers on their first visit.

Design an email newsletter to showcase everything you’ve been up to. List your spring events, attach some photos of your restaurant’s new look, and submit an exclusive offer for one of your new specials.

Text weekly spring sales to put the spotlight on your seasonal menu.


Use technology to serve customers more efficiently

Whether you have a terrace with extra seating or not, tableside ordering can help your servers better interact with your customers, giving them more time to sell more and improve the customer experience.

Using portable devices to take orders at the table is a strategic solution to increase efficiency, turn tables faster, and serve more customers in your restaurant.

Having the ability to enter orders tableside will help prevent servers from forgetting to enter orders and expedite ordering.


Start by applying the tips that you think would benefit your restaurant the most, and then move on to the others as you see fit. Success doesn’t happen overnight, but when you push yourself to update your menu and upgrade your terrace, you won’t go unnoticed.

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