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Spring is officially here! Spring brings excitement to people and restaurants for the return of warmer weather and outdoor dining.

In the restaurant industry they are used to dealing with seasonality. Restaurants that know how to capitalize on each season are the ones that attract new customers and keep them coming back.

Spring is when restaurants start to ramp up business, and it’s vital to be prepared.

In this post we want to leave you some guidelines for your restaurant to succeed this spring.

Spring Cleaning Comes First

A clean and disinfected restaurant is a priority for consumers and especially after COVID.

This means you need to take spring cleaning to the next level in your restaurant. 86% of consumers want visible evidence of cleanliness, which is essential for them to feel safe. You can attract customers to your restaurant when you publicly post your cleaning efforts on social media.

Show off your cutlery polisher or your glass polisher on your social networks. Both teams improve cleanliness and increase hygiene.


Preparation for the terrace season

Restaurants tend to see an increase in business during the warmer months, as it is more attractive for customers to dine outdoors. That means terrace season is back!

It has been found that simply adding an outdoor terrace to the restaurant could increase gross profit by up to 65%.

Customers love to enjoy outdoor dining, and post-pandemic, this is even more appealing as outdoor settings make them feel safer.

You need to start thinking about what you will need for the sunnier days ahead. Do you have umbrellas? Or a terrace awning for when it rains? The best terraces are adequately equipped to handle all the breaking weather changes.

You can also keep business flowing on your deck at night by adding lights. These are a great way to attract people who are walking.

Seasonal Staffing Plan

In the spring, restaurants often operate with higher capacity limits, and you’ll need more staff to help manage the influx of customers.

Now is the time to hire more staff. Plan ahead so you have plenty of time to onboard new staff, familiarize them with your restaurant, and properly train them before customer volume grows.

Hiring more people for peak seasons will also help prevent burnout of your regular staff. When you give them the right amount of help; they can do their job more efficiently and spend more time engaging with customers. Each staff position in your restaurant is equally important to the success of your business.

It is also important to note that you should evenly divide the staff sections in your restaurant and terrace with a daily plan. You’ll find yourself some days where everyone wants to sit outside, and if you only have one assigned waiter there, you’re putting him at a disadvantage. Keeping the number of tables even between servers will help ensure proper turnover.


Update your menu with creative seasonal offerings

Updating your menu is a must for your spring preparation. Customer preferences are changing and your menu should reflect that with seasonal items.

On a hot sunny day, your customers will want something fresh and light, not the hot and hearty dishes you were serving up in winter.

Spring provides an excellent opportunity for your restaurant to partner with local vendors to incorporate their products into your offerings. Make sure your customers know that you are using local product.

Your menu should highlight local ingredients because this is an effective way to showcase your restaurant’s role in its community. Today’s consumers care about food transparency and want to see how their decision to support their restaurant affects their environment.

The latest trend studies found that consumers want more superfoods and flavors with health benefits. Consider adding immunity-boosting ingredients like ginger, turmeric, CBD, and chia seeds to your menu.

Don’t forget the cocktails too. With patio season in full swing, your patrons will want refreshing drinks to keep them cool. Having specialty cocktails that are creative and reflect the season can help drive sales and attract more customers.

Make a difference by preparing cocktails with our instant CO2 freezer.

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