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Your food might be good enough to talk about and endorse your restaurant. But good food is nothing without excellent customer service. If you do not properly attend to this point, it could cost you dearly. In this post we present some restaurant customer service tips to help you grow.


Ideas to delight your diners.



Customers expect to be treated a certain way when they go out to eat. But those expectations vary depending on your vertical. Customers would not expect silverware in a fast-food restaurant, for example. Generally, however, customers simply expect to be treated with dignity, to get what they pay for, and to have any issues resolved with speed, tact, and courtesy. So consider your price segment. As the manager will need to train restaurant staff, it is important to remind them of what guests’ expectations are and to make them aware of behavior that meets or fails to meet those expectations.



To provide quality customer service, train restaurant staff to treat customers professionally. There is a certain etiquette to waiting tables and managing customers. Even if the client is not aware of these “rules”, adhering to them serves to make the client feel welcome and comfortable. Proper restaurant etiquette often boils down to common decency and respect, such as treating customers with warmth and being attentive, not intrusive.

However, it is important that they are aware of the following etiquette rules. Here are some examples of good restaurant customer service skills:

  • Do not interrupt a conversation to take orders or dishes.
  • Do not remove dishes until everyone has finished.
  • Always bring everyone’s dishes at the same time.
  • Serve guest from left with left hand, clear from right with right hand.
  • Never blame a mistake on a colleague, the chef or how busy you are, just accept it.
  • Never touch the rim of a glass.
  • Never let a bottle touch the glass while pouring.
  • Never touch a customer.
  • Never take away a full plate without asking what was wrong.



It’s the little details of customer service that customers remember and come back for. They are the icing on the customer service cake and a great way for restaurants to stand out with their customer service. So think about what you can offer that your competitors don’t. Try offering a low-cost appetizer or drink to give away for free when your customers first sit down. These small actions have a strong influence on potential future revenue and customer retention.

Visit a competing restaurant and take a close look at their customer service. Always inform part of your customer service what your competitors are or are not doing. But remember, be inspired, but don’t copy.



Modern restaurant technology allows us to know our customers better than ever before. A good restaurant point of sale helps you collect data that serves to improve and personalize customer service.

Save customer preferences, favorite dishes, drinks or payment methods.

Take note of their allergen information so they don’t have to tell the waiters twice.

You will be able to carry out personalized email marketing actions and reward them for their loyalty.



In the hospitality business you have to deal with difficult customers sometimes. Dealing with difficult customers is a bit like responding to a bad review, how you deal makes all the difference. Equalizing a customer’s anger will do nothing to assuage their concerns or improve their impression of your restaurant. It is important to be neutral when dealing with clients, and try to work things out as much as possible and offer some form of reconciliation. A well attended complaint can be an asset to your business.


Restaurant customer service is an art form. Get it right, and it can be the difference between a good place to eat and a great one.

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