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We are in October, which means Halloween is coming up. Like other holidays, Halloween is a perfect opportunity to plan to promote and attract customers to your restaurant or bar and increase sales.

On this date many choose to celebrate outside their homes; and restaurants or bars provide the best experience.

In this post you will get ideas and practical suggestions that will help you promote your restaurant or bar this Halloween. This will help you increase sales and promote your business to new customers and convert regulars into loyal customers.


Give a spooky theme to your restaurant or bar. The best thing is to make a theme of your favorite horror movie. Like the theme from “Haunted House”, “Stranger Things”, “Resident Evil” or “Harry Porter”. These themes make your restaurant more scary. Hang skeletons and spider webs, put up tombstones, and hang garlands of bats to make the place spookier. Skulls and pumpkins are classic elements for the Halloween theme.

To create a terrifying atmosphere you can turn off some lights and play mysterious music.

The staff must also be dressed according to the theme of the restaurant or bar. Having the staff dressed according to the theme will impress the clients.



Spice up your menu with a Halloween theme. You can rename the dishes with scary names like: vampire soup, Devil’s pizza, bloody cocktails… Add a touch to your cocktails with our glass froster.

You can cook the dishes in different ways with Halloween themes and make menu cards according to the theme.

You can give a Halloween touch to your dining roomware: pumpkin-shaped cups, test tube-shaped glasses, tombstone-shaped trays…



You can create a special dish for each day of the week and include it in your caterer’s menu to tempt your customers. Pumpkin could be the main ingredient, along with other products of the fall season. This strategy always works, thanks to the fact that we play with immediacy. This works very well with the younger clientele. You can start by making the typical Halloween sweets.

halloween restaurant


Host a costume contest on October 31, allowing patrons to show off their creative costumes. Get them to sign up by providing you with their email and basic information, so that you will expand your leads. The winner will have a prize, such as a free meal or a special promotion. You can organize several prizes: best costume, terrifying couple, best children’s costume…



This classic Halloween contest is likely to work better with a younger audience. While the children participate in this activity, you can offer promotional food and drink combos to the family members who accompany them. This is a very simple way to increase your sales during this Halloween week. You can organize it on one of your low demand days.



Organize games with rewards and Halloween promotions. Here are some ideas for the games: broom racing, trick or treating with the waiter, horror story contest…



When promoting sales, the week leading up to October 31 is a great way to get into the Halloween mood early. A simple way can be that each day of the week, you offer special discounts on certain menu items. You can also promote tapas, menus or special themed cocktails for Halloween, at special prices.



After all this planning you need to promote all of this on social media, target your audience through different social media platforms and email marketing. And tell customers about the offers and events that you will organize in your restaurant or bar. After Halloween, use images and videos on your social media accounts to further promote your business.


By implementing these ideas, your restaurant or bar can join in the festivities with some spooky fun. Halloween offers a good opportunity for your business to tap into people’s desire to have a little fun. By celebrating Halloween in your restaurant or bar, you make your regular customers happy and attract new customers. Remember that a satisfied customer will be your regular customer.

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