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Fall is coming soon and with it comes an emotional shift for customers. Customers look for warm and comforting flavors and spaces in the fall. Now it’s time to break out some fall decorations and those hearty dishes that make cold-day colors turn their best.

For restaurant owners, it’s also a time of change. It’s time to make preparations for menu changes, décor updates, and staff shifts.

In this post we leave you some ideas for your restaurant to succeed this fall.


Cheer up your customers who are sad about the end of summer with a social media contest. Some idea could be that they propose autumn-themed recipes, that they share their best autumn selfies in front of your establishment. Make sure the prize is something that really gets you excited, maybe a year of free coffee, dinner and drinks for 4 guests or a one night getaway.



The Pumpkin Spice Latte! It is trend. This classic fall drink is a favorite for many and a staple of the season. Add it to your hot drink menu, along with other fall flavors like cinnamon, trail mix, and chai tea.

Ideas for your restaurant to succeed this fall.


Make new changes in the decoration of your restaurant and add an autumnal atmosphere to the dining experience of your guests. Create a cozy feeling inside your venue by adding some candles, bouquets of dried flowers in oranges and reds, floral arrangements of branches and dried cranberries and, of course, pumpkins. Add tasteful autumn touches to your establishment, without ever overloading it.

Take advantage of the Halloween festivities: Dress up your restaurant too with some fun accessories and spooky decorations. Decorations can be as simple as hanging cobwebs and chandelier accessories from the ceiling. There are a wide variety of options such as pumpkins, bats, Halloween art wall decals and more.



Pumpkin isn’t the only seasonal staple, there are plenty of exciting flavors to add to your dishes. Think local and seasonal and create warm dishes to delight your customers. Pumpkins, carrots, leeks, apples, walnuts, chestnuts, soups, lamb, legumes, meat and fish stews. It’s time to move from light and cold dishes to warmer and more abundant meals.

Our cooking machine produces a constant and circular movement, like the traditional pan movement with which to cook all kinds of stews and dishes such as: pil pil cod, game stews, sweet rice dishes, stews, rice pudding, etc. A perfect ally for your autumn recipes.

As a restaurant owner, it’s important to research or know what kind of fall dishes your customers prefer. Determine what is the best in the region and have your chef do it for you.



Use your email list and that of your VIP clients, and take the opportunity to stay in touch. Host a fall-themed event, such as a harvest party or wine tasting. Publicize the fall-themed menu ahead of time to keep it appealing to as many people as possible.



Add to your social media feeds with cozy stuff posts. Post videos and photos of steaming cups of coffee and pastries, hot dishes, hot drinks topped with marshmallows and whipped cream, flickering candles, and fall table settings and decorations. Your followers love to see fresh, new content that changes with the seasons and will respond much more enthusiastically to something that feels in tune with their current moods.

You can supplement your posts with other virtual ways to engage with customers to create a bit of fall interest. Consider hosting a Zoom cooking class, where you have your clients cook alongside your head chef.



Home is the hotspot for gatherings at this time of year, and your restaurant may be the best place for people to get their snacks and meals to share. Create special happy hour options as well as takeout, party and catering options.



Talk to your staff, the Christmas season is approaching. Your staff will start trying to request vacation time and it will be harder and harder to make your schedule fit everyone’s requests. Now is the time to plan the calendar and make sure you are prepared for the Christmas season.


With these tips, you’ll make fall a top-selling season and build customer loyalty that will carry over into winter.

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