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Bars and restaurants are meeting places. The community you build around your business makes it the perfect place to host parties and other events. When you welcome customers to join you at special events, you promote the growth of your business and your community.

In this post we want to give you some tips to organize and promote events and celebrations in your establishment.

Establish the different types of gastronomic events you want to offer

There are several types of well-differentiated gastronomic events that require different organizations. These are the most common

– Breakfasts: Business breakfasts are common and are usually European continental with toast, pastries, coffee, orange juice, sausages, yogurt, cereals, etc. and American with eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes, toast, etc. .

– Coffee-break: The coffee-break is an intermediate event within a work session or presentation to relax the atmosphere and relax the meeting. It is usually typical of talks or long debates and is a good way to practice networking while having coffee, tea, juices and some fruit.

– Brunch: Brunch is the sum of breakfast and lunch. It is usually convened on weekends, but it is also beginning to move to working hours and is the perfect excuse to have a mid-morning buffet snack with colleagues.

– Appetizer: The appetizer is a brief moment that usually lasts half an hour in which small portions or tapas are served accompanied by drinks, before the main lunch or dinner.

– Cocktail: The cocktail is a gastronomic event with a long tradition and a more elegant cut that can have its own label and is usually attended by a large number of guests.

– Courtesy wine: The courtesy wine or also called honor, is typical of art exhibitions, presentations, book signings or social events that are held mid-morning or in the afternoon.

– Snack: The snack is usually a family event although it has also been extrapolated to the business world and retains a certain resemblance to the mid-morning coffee-break.

– Celebration lunch or dinner: A celebration dinner or lunch is convened by a host in a restaurant to celebrate various events, birthdays, family anniversaries, communions, baptisms, etc.

There are many types of food events you can host at your establishment. It is about innovating, giving an impeccable service, provoking emotions through the gastronomic experience.

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Prepare your team

Your staff members represent your company, and that means they need to know about your event offerings well in advance. Encourage your team members to promote the different events they organize and provide them with brochures, which they can hand out to customers with their receipts. Make sure they have all the correct information about the organization of the different events, including food or drink specials, and other details that they offer.

You should also make sure you have enough staff working to serve customers on the day of the event. Appoint staff to help organize the details and promotion of the event. Choose staff to help you with the planning and execution of the event to make sure it runs smoothly.


Plan the event

You must contact suppliers, set the date of the events and their duration and contract services such as the design of the posters and all those that are needed in time. Consider what elements to include in the event to increase the fun factor. If the budget allows it, count on the services of communication professionals such as a photographer. You can use this material later in the future promotion of organizing events on your social networks and on your website.

All these planning actions will require planning a budget in advance. You’ll need to follow up so you can decide if the investment is worth it after the event.


Promote your events

Encourage your customers to take photos and post them online with your custom hashtag. And be sure to like and re-share your customers on your social media accounts; engaged customers means better business.

Include in your website and social networks all the information about your service to celebrate events and include the different options. Do not forget to accompany all the information with attractive photos of different events that you have celebrated in your establishment.

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