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Hotel labor shortages have only worsened with the pandemic, forcing businesses to cut hours of operation and services or risk damaging the guest experience. Glass polishing machines reduce labor time so that hoteliers can allocate their staff more profitably.

Glass polishing machines are five times faster than manual polishing. This is one of the great advantages that makes them ideal for high-volume refinishing of glassware in hotels, event venues, restaurants, caterers, casinos, and glassware rental companies.

This hospitality equipment gently polishes and dries wet glassware inside and out simultaneously in seconds. Faster than polishing by hand, a single employee along with the machine can dry and polish 250 to 500 pieces of glassware per hour, depending on the model.

Benefits of using cup polishers in your establishment

Save time and money. It easily pays for itself with huge labor savings and reduced glassware breakage.

Its efficiency and professional finish. The fiber brushes simultaneously polish the glassware inside and out, while the hot air fan dries the glassware and the fiber brushes. The microfiber brush material is soft and minimizes stress on glassware reducing the chance of breakage.

Provides extra hygiene to the refinish process. Customers enjoy polished glassware with minimal handling by staff; eliminating any risk of cross contamination from dirty drying cloths improving health and safety.

It eliminates any risk for your employees that the task of drying and polishing glassware entails. Virtually no glass breakage or associated injuries result in considerable savings on potential Workers’ Compensation claims.

Removable and washable fiber brushes. The rollers are made of flexible and absorbent natural fibres, which makes them very effective for drying and polishing. The rollers have a long lifespan and can be easily washed by hand with the help of a neutral soap.

How to get the best results with the glass polisher

Glass polishers are designed to save you hours of labor, virtually eliminate glass breakage and associated injuries, and ensure your customers get a professional and hygienic finished service. Here are some tips and tricks to help you achieve perfect glass polishing results every time.

Used correctly, the polishing machine will have gleaming stemware and glasses in seconds.

Once you have read the user manual and installed the four largest brushes on the outer stems, you must place the smallest brush in the middle.

Start the polisher approximately 5 to 10 minutes before use and let it run for 5 to 10 minutes after use. This will ensure that the fiber brushes are hot and dry.

Glassware must be properly washed and clean. The machine is designed to go over, not to clean. Dry glasses take longer to polish. Slightly moist glasses will save time and give better results. The hot air fan will keep the brushes dry throughout the process.

The pieces to be dried must be gently placed on the central brush. Move the glass or cup up and down several times until you can see that it is perfectly dry and polished. You should never let go of the piece.

Water and stains will be removed, leaving each piece clear and ready for service.

Some important points to keep in mind:

Glass polishers go over glassware but do not remove dirt, detergent residue, grease or lipstick. Glassware must be completely clean. .

Hand contact with fiber brushes should be avoided. Oils from the hands will be absorbed and may cause poor results.

If the parts to be dried are very wet, place them on one of the fiber brushes near the fan to remove excess water, then continue buffing as usual.

Washing fiber brushes regularly will give better results. Use only neutral detergents and wash them by hand. Never use products like bleach. Make sure they are well rinsed and let them dry.

To polish champagne glasses, use the central special brush for it.

Following these little tips will make your glassware shine like new.

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