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Observing trends in your industry helps you see areas where you can improve, and such improvements can have a major impact on your bottom line going forward.

On the other hand, not keeping up with the latest trends in hospitality can have some serious negative consequences, such as giving rival companies a clear competitive advantage over you.

The hottest restaurant industry trends show that owners are finding innovative ways to enhance on- and off-site experiences for guests, whether they’re running a fast-casual restaurant, a full-service establishment, or exploring an entirely new concept by full.

Restaurant trends to think about in 2022

Invest in good food photography.

We’ve all seen the wide spectrum of food photography, from the delicious to the downright horrible. And the restaurant customers notice it too.

In fact, 45% of customers search for food photos on a restaurant’s website, and 36% reported that some food photos even discouraged them from eating at a certain restaurant.

Food to go? Take the time to really look at your food photos and honestly ask yourself, “Do they look appetizing?” With so many people visiting restaurant websites before ordering their food, you can’t afford to have food photos that are less than amazing.


Customers want rewards for their loyalty.

Looking for a way to motivate customers to come back? Restaurant loyalty programs have been gaining popularity in recent years. These programs give people additional motivation to return to your restaurant.

Create a rewards program that provides real value to your customer. For example, offer loyalty programs that offer exclusive deals and discounts. Think about what you could include in your loyalty program that would really excite your customers.


Offer vegan/vegetarian options.

Every year, the number of people who become vegan or vegetarian grows. Some are motivated by a moral duty to avoid animal products, while others enjoy the health benefits of a plant-based diet.

There is something of a cultural shift as people have become more aware of the things they are putting into their bodies, which has led to trends in healthy food and drink. Whatever the reason, many seek out restaurants that offer plant-based menu options.

While it’s not necessary to switch to a menu entirely, you should consider adding vegan and vegetarian alternatives to make your menu more accessible.


Be ecological and sustainable.

Customers care about environmental issues and want to know that the companies they deal with are behaving ethically. For this reason, sustainability has been one of the most notable hospitality trends of recent times, with a growing number of hospitality companies promoting their respect for the environment.

The hospitality sector faces some problems when it comes to sustainability, for example plastic waste and water pollution. In fact, studies have shown that 78% of customers are willing to pay more to eat at a restaurant that has made an effort to be green.

While it’s not really feasible for restaurants to go zero waste, there are ways restaurants can show support for these environmental causes.

Of course, takeaway food produces more waste, so try to use proper packaging that can be disposed of ethically.

For example, consider switching to biodegradable takeout containers, straws, and other common products you use.

Other options is the use of smart light bulbs and smart heating to save energy.

Let your customers know what you are doing to reduce waste in your restaurant and promote the environment.


Voice search and voice control.

The use of voice search is becoming more common among customers searching for and booking restaurants, so there is a need to respond to this change. The content of your website must be clearly structured so that it appears correctly in voice search results.


Robots in restaurant environments.

Automation is high on the list of trends. Restaurants and similar businesses can use robots to greet customers and provide them with information, while they can also play a vital role in security operations.

Restaurants can potentially use robots to carry out aspects of food service. This can be especially helpful when dealing with restaurant patrons who are trying to minimize close contact with people.

robots in restaurants

Changes in the distribution of restaurants.

As outdoor dining continues to be popular, restaurant owners need to reconsider how the physical layout of their restaurants will work best for their business, staff, and customers. What used to be a 70/30 split, with more dining space in the front of the house and limited cooking area in the back of the house, will change to 30/70, with more space in the kitchens, due to regular use of the terrace areas.

We’re also likely to see more drive-thru setups, even for high-end restaurants, with almost all traditional restaurants setting up specially designated areas for delivery drivers and consumers picking up their takeout orders.

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