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Learning how to increase bar sales is an endless journey. Trends, technology and customer habits change. These tips and ideas will help attract new customers while helping to make a lasting positive impact on the customer experience.

Manage happy hour blocks on weekends

Happy hour will always drive beverage sales, but you don’t want to take advantage of the big discounts at your busiest times! Many bars make the mistake of running only their happy hours during the week. Error! Host a Happy Hour special when you first open on weekends. It attracts that customer profile that tends to start earlier and generates turnover.

Organize theme nights that fit your concept

There is no point in trying to turn a pub into a canteen on Tuesdays, but you can create many theme nights to suit your concept. Expand your comfort zone, attract new customers, and give your regulars more reasons to stay for another round.

Do you need inspiration? These are some of the ideas that most increase sales in bars.

Karaoke nights

Charity night

Bar olympics

Night of the 70s / 80s / 90s

Without forgetting the theme of extraordinary parties. For example, imagine a Star Wars theme on May 4, which is Star Wars Day.

Update your Google My Business

When was the last time you updated your Google My Business or social media accounts?

Recent changes to Google My Business include:

Updates to health and safety regulations, such as the use of a mask or temperature controls.

Promote your bar on social media

Are you stuck on how to increase your bar income and feel that ads are the only way? Digital marketing is very important for business owners. You can choose to use online ads, content creation, or both. You can pay on Facebook, Instagram, and of course Google to promote your ads. Buying ads is a great way to gain exposure among people searching for bars in the area, but it requires an investment.

The second method to promote your bar is to show what happens in your bar. Show your staff you’re happy or show upcoming menu changes. Content creation can be time consuming. A balance between ads and content creation is the best way to attract customers to your bar.

Respond to your opinions

A quick tip to boost bar sales growth is to spend more time interacting with your customers. You can do this online and have a lasting impact. Respond to reviews with an open mind, in a friendly way, whether they are positive or negative.

Thank people for the positive reviews and request their emails to send them a special thank you reward.

Apologize for poor performance and offer feedback on changes in operations or management in response to negative reviews.

Bar business ideas often focus on what you can do on site, but what about everything that happens online? Don’t let reviews, good or bad, slip away because they are all opportunities to generate more business.

Collaborate with a charity

“Businesses have a responsibility to give back to the community.” It not only makes you feel good; it is also good for business.

Where can you start? Find local charities in your area through Facebook Groups or your Chamber of Commerce. Connect with a cause that matters to you or help the people who need it most at that time through local associations.

Don’t keep people waiting! Offer drinks upon arrival

It’s no secret in the hospitality industry … guests hate waiting. If you have a hostess, she may be the one responsible for opening these tabs and taking the first round of orders. (Make sure they are of legal age to take orders or serve alcoholic beverages!) If you don’t usually have a hostess, place the waiting area in one of the waiter sections. It’s a great way to make a good impression on the door and discourage them from going to another nearby hot spot.

Reward your regular customers with a loyalty program

Your bar cannot live only on the weekend. Encourage your regular customers to redeem their rewards. Work strategies to increase bar sales don’t always mean attracting new customers. Regular customers spend more, promote your business, and it costs the business less to keep them happy. It’s easy to set up a reward system. First, cultivate your customer base. Second, connect it with an SMS or email service. Finally, offer discounts and bonuses to your best customers!

Make sure those rewards are easy for your service staff to use.


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