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In this post we want to collect practical tips and ideas to help you decide how to boost bar sales without compromising your concept or discouraging your regular customers.

How to increase the sales of the bar?

The first thing we should do is carry out an audit of the bar area. How do waiters process orders? And how does all the teams behind the bar work?

Step One: Take a complete inventory of personnel and tools. Have you got what you need to run at peak efficiency on a busy day? If necessary, order the tools or equipment that your staff may need.

Step two: watch your waiters work. Are they crossing back and forth behind the bar? Is the bar ergonomically configured? Clean, rinse, reduce wasted movement, and support your bar staff. Consider using simpler systems or reviewing assignments.

Step three: request complaints. You may need to ask staff to file complaints anonymously, but ask for them. If there was one thing you could change, what would it be? Make changes that benefit your bar.

An internal audit will expose wasted time and movement while providing insight into solutions to regain maximum efficiency.

Train, increase sales and reward

It’s time to train your waiters and your bartenders to become likeable and fun salespeople. You’ve probably seen countless suggestions for your staff to sell after exclusive drinks or items.

Take it to a new level by offering what good salespeople know is the golden product.

Think of it this way:

“I think it’s been a long week for everyone. Did you want to make this a stuntman?”

Tonight you will go out with your friends. Why don’t you make that margarita something special?

Here’s how to get the most out of your upsells:

Train staff to capture details at the table or with the person.

Offer an upsell with a personal style that offers something to the person sitting across from them.

Reward employees for selling items

In this case, the reward is important because they are receiving recognition for providing an excellent customer experience and promoting sales growth at the bar. If you skip the bounty, you end up providing a more robotic service.

Introduce fashion trends

Don’t fall for the idea that you can’t stay true to your concept or theme and show the modern side of drinks and entertainment. What is in fashion this year? Experts say tropical flavors are in the spotlight; Meanwhile, younger patrons are ordering old favorites from the bartending day’s past. Bring your staff up-to-date on cocktail and beverage recipes.

Create something special

An exclusive cocktail is a sure way to attract the locals. Ask your waiters and managers to create something unique and tasty to garnish the menu as your bar’s signature drink. Then show that drink on social media and offer it at a special price during happy hour.

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Update your cocktail menu

Do you want to know the secret on how to boost sales in bars? With menu engineering. But how should bars approach menus? Here are some tips.

Rename your cocktails

Ditch the cocktails that rarely get attention

Add trendy cocktails

Update your prices

Play your exclusive cocktail

Your cocktail menu can be on a board in view of the customers or printed and available at the tables. Update it and make sure you leave plenty of space around your house cocktail and indicate happy hour times.

Consider a secret menu

From In-N-Out to Jamba Juice, it’s clear everyone loves a secret or not-so-secret menu. In addition to a signature cocktail, you can create a fun menu that will get people all over town and on the internet excited about your “secret” menu.

Turn up the volume

Turning up the volume doesn’t improve the music, but it does keep the alcohol flowing. Loud music makes people drink more. Music with a faster tempo will also result in a faster drink. Do you want to know how to boost your bar sales? The answer is simple … turn up the volume or bring in live music.

Create an atmosphere

One of the best ideas to improve bar sales is to change the atmosphere. Outdoor seating, lighting, and more bar space are great ways to attract new customers.

Adding more bar space can make it easier for customers to come to the bar to order. Proper lighting can help people stay entertained in your conversation.

Show your happy hours Monday through Friday

Do you feel that your happy hours are not enough? Try a few variations to get the most out of your happy hours.

Make the most of your Happy Hour with these tips and tricks:

Theme your Happy Hour to suit different crowds for different nights. Think € 2 beers on Mondays or € 5 on Margarita Thursdays.

Set Happy Hours in stripes. Offer “Early Drinks” from 4 pm to 6 pm and then another round after hours.

Add foods at lower rates to match your Happy Hour menu.

A collection system where you can automate price changes in certain menu items for established hours, will greatly facilitate the task.

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