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Cocktails are one of the star services of many bars and restaurants. Whether they are focused on this type of product or not, many bars, restaurants and other restaurants offer cocktails on their menus.

The cocktail can be the most profitable drink that your bar can sell. A cocktail menu can really help promote the sale of mixed drinks and gives you the opportunity to suggest new creations to your consumer for inspiration and make more informal or fun decisions.

Cocktails are profitable products that are increasingly in demand. It may be because cocktail and spirit culture has expanded, or because of fashion.

Given the case, it is indifferent; The idea in the end is that the customers are happy and you, as the owner, can increase your profit.

In this post we have proposed that you know the possibilities of the cocktail world and create a truly profitable cocktail menu.


The process of creating a cocktail menu can be somewhat cumbersome and perhaps the most complex thing is to create a menu that is ultimately profitable.

Perhaps it is not too profitable to hire a barista who is an expert in these products, but it is to give a little training to your bar staff. With this, you guarantee that your entire team clearly knows what each item has and what type of cocktail they are asking for.

We are going with a few steps that can help you create a good cocktail menu.


Sangria, tinto de verano, Gin Tonic … blends that everyone knows and that are easy for your waiters to make.

Of course, it is advisable to take care of the presentation even if you focus on the basics. Use a little chopped lemon, some pica-pica on the edge of the glass…


Distilled beverages are usually the most expensive component within the cocktail components. So the best thing is to have a table where you always have the same, no more, no less.

We recommend that you measure in milliliters, milligrams, etc. to make it easier for your waiters to take references.

Also, an interesting thing is to do a little rule of three with the costs of each ingredient of the cocktail. For example, if a 700 ml bottle of gin costs me € 10, the cost of alcohol for a cocktail with 50 ml of this drink will be € 0.71. To this we would have to add the rest of the ingredients.

Also keep in mind how long it takes to prepare the cocktail during a service and compare this with the regular times of other services.

With this basis, we can now calculate the total cost of the price of the ingredients and set a corresponding RRP. Remember that the price of your drinks is of the utmost importance. Not only because the price influences the profitability of the business, but it also does so when it comes to influencing your consumer’s decision.


Better little and good than a lot and bad. In your cocktail menu, too.

For this reason, we recommend having a small quality selection where you show the most profitable cocktails, the most requested, etc.

You will have in your portfolio 4 types of cocktails:

  • Profitable and popular.
  • Profitable and few orders.
  • Popular and unprofitable.
  • Little profitable and few orders.

Ideally, you have the more of the first type, the better. However, you cannot always do everything. It is much better to have 10 brilliant cocktails than to have 50 regular ones. Remember that offering many options can be a risk of overinformation for your consumers who will eventually become discouraged when making a decision.


Who is the regular customer of your cocktail menu? That should be your star question.

Do you have high purchasing power? Do you settle for little? Does he come to your place to posture? Are they gourmet customers?

Try to solve the more questions the better and you will be able to define your target audience more and more precisely. Consequently, you will have the opportunity to offer a quality and attractive cocktail menu.


Mocktails are “fake cocktails”, according to their direct translation. These are, therefore, cocktails made from non-alcoholic ingredients.

They are ideal when your audience is young, it is a bar attended by couples with children, etc. You also have to bear in mind that the abstemious culture is increasingly widespread. They are ideal for bars and restaurants that opt ​​for an ecological, vegan or healthy menu.

And remember that if you want to add show and professionalism to the preparation of your cocktails, you can use CO2 freezers to prepare your cocktails. That will facilitate your work and become a differentiating element of your business.

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