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The pandemic has produced many changes in the restaurant industry, and it appears that it will continue for part of 2021.

To be successful and weather the storm created by the pandemic requires patience and creativity. Changes happen quickly, but you can make changes that work for your restaurant and your customers. Adaptation is key.

Many hospitality business owners wonder how to be successful this year. In this post we want to leave some tips to help you achieve better results this year.

Contactless orders and payments

Keeping as much human contact out of the equation when it comes to orders and payments is good advice.

Existing restaurant customers are looking for contactless options when visiting restaurants. Including order and payment options.

Make sure that online orders and payments can be made easily and securely from your website.

Also, for customers coming to your location, consider offering Contactless technology is the fastest, easiest, and safest way to make card payments. To pay, simply bring the card to the terminal and wait to hear the beep. This keeps your customers and employees safer.

Online booking software

With so many restrictions on restaurant occupancy, reservations have become very important.

It is essential that your customers can reserve their table online. Thus, both the restaurant and the client can safely manage the capacity. Help seat everyone at a safe distance while staggering arrival times for diners. You avoid crowds and make it easier for you to take care of your customers.

Online table reservation systems allow your customers to find the best time and day for their meal without having to speak to anyone on the phone.

Outdoor meals

If something has brought the pandemic, it is that people spend more time outdoors. This also applies to restaurant customers.

Perfect your options for al fresco dining. People who are not comfortable eating inside the restaurant are often completely fine eating outside.

Given that many restaurants have reduced their indoor capacity and, in some seasons even closed, many municipalities are providing facilities for restaurant owners to put outdoor terraces.

Even after the pandemic, cookouts are sure to remain popular.

Offer takeout and delivery

The pandemic has left many customers wanting to support restaurants, but they do not feel comfortable going to the establishment. This is why many prefer to order takeout or home delivery.

So a good tip to be successful in the current situation is to offer take out food.

The pandemic has more than doubled the food delivery app business.

This option will allow you to reach more customers, including those who want the convenience of takeout / home delivery and those who don’t feel safe eating at your restaurant.

Review your menu options and consider offering packaged meal options. These could include meals for households of different sizes: two people, four people, six people, eight people, and more.

You can take popular dishes from their menu and offer them family style. This can include an appetizer, a main menu item, a salad, and a dessert.

Rethinking your menu offerings makes your restaurant more accessible to new customer needs.

Plus, as the pandemic ends, your new customers may want to continue to order these kinds of family-style orders.

Increase marketing

Take advantage of your website, social media accounts, and email marketing to get your message across to current and potential customers.

You can rethink your digital strategies. Make a social media plan, create a video strategy to work on your videos, and create an email marketing strategy.

Add some learning moments to your marketing. For example, offer your customers a recipe in the form of a written blog or video.

Use the video to show your customers what is happening inside your restaurant. For example, show your chef with some menu items in a video.

These strategies improve customer acquisition and loyalty.

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