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Instagram for your restaurant not only allows you to share beautiful images of your food, but it is also a space to interact with customers before and after they leave your establishment

In this post we are going to leave some tips to use Instagram to the fullest.


Instagram is an excellent opportunity to advertise your restaurant, bar, cafeteria…. These tips can increase your following, attract more followers, and increase your customer base.

Be true to your brand

Stick to a certain tone in all your posts and create a page that embraces the look of your brand. For example, let’s say you run a vegetarian restaurant. Your page can have an “eco” look with images of ingredients, healthy dishes and all accompanied by green tones. You can use clever subtitles, or perhaps with an informative tone.

You must be consistent with your feed. In this way, visitors and followers will be satisfied when they see that your restaurant brand continues to deliver what they expect from it.

Make searches easy

Select an easily recognizable Instagram username and use relevant business keywords on your profile to help increase your search results. Tag posts with hashtags and make sure they are relevant to your brand. Use image and location so users can find it.

Integrate Instagram into your website

You can add photos and videos from your Instagram posts to your restaurant website or blog. This easy-to-use web embed feature allows you to simply copy and paste the code so that the photos from your feed appear on your website or blog.

You can put the name of your Instagram account directly on the menu of your restaurant. That way, customers only need to look at the menu to tag you in their latest foodie post. You can also display your Instagram account on the sign on the sidewalk or on the door of your establishment.

Interact with and reward followers

You can create posts to fill in the blanks. For example, “The best dish in #restaurantname is ____”.

You can also ask for customer opinions. Offering a new dish, drink or cocktail? Ask your clients to help you name it! By including clients in the process, they will feel compelled to continue to follow you to see the bottom line.

Run photo contests

Encourage customers to share photos and tag your restaurant. You can run contests that tag you and offer gift cards, a free meal, or a similar reward.

Make your space and your dishes worthy of Instagram

Not only will you have more quality photos to take, but your guests will be more likely to take photos and share them if your restaurant has attractive dishes and interesting décor. You can improve the presentation of your dishes or create a new decoration, use plant walls or a sign with neon lights. A beautiful decoration will create a background and atmosphere that clients will want to capture. They will likely tag your business in the photo, especially if they can easily find your Instagram account. This way, you get free publicity and exposure to your clients’ followers.

Share videos and stories

Videos and stories allow you to take customer interaction one step further. They give you the opportunity to share the action behind the scenes. They also add a personal touch and make your followers feel included. Here are some ideas for creating engaging stories and videos:

Uncork a bottle of wine, pour into a glass and toast to a good weekend.

Introduce the kitchen and living room team.

Show diner reviews.

It shows the process of making the dishes.

Tips for Food Photography

If you take your own photos, it is essential that you understand some basic food photography tips. These tips can go a long way when taking great food photos.

  • Lighting is very important. When displaying your dishes, avoid using flashes and strong ceiling lights. Take photos near a window or a softer light source for a natural look.
  • You can create action to photography by adding simple kitchen accessories. It can also include a person who interacts with food or drink, which makes it appear even more attractive.
  • Use a filter to improve the quality of your images. Applications like Canva or Lightroom can help you with a wide variety of adjustments, such as color correction and exposure. They also have a variety of filters to choose from that are not available on Instagram.
  • Don’t just display your dishes. Show a warm and welcoming image of the interior of your restaurant. Capture photos of your staff at work or customers enjoying their meal.
  • Stay away from front and center photos and use the rule of thirds to create fascinating images.
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