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In restaurants, the table turnover rate is very important.

You want to seat as many people as possible for food service, but you don’t want your customers to feel rushed. Most casual restaurants aim to turn each table three times during a service, or once every hour and a half. While this sounds simple enough, it can be difficult to achieve, ultimately reducing profits. In this post we leave you some tips to help you maximize the rotation of tables in your restaurant.

One of the most important factors to consider before trying any of the tips is whether you own a casual or elegant restaurant. While most casual restaurants focus on the highest flow rates, white tablecloth companies are more concerned with the customer experience. So these tips apply primarily to casual dining establishments as well, but with some modification it can be adapted to fancier restaurants and thereby maximizing table turnover rates.

Organized seating system

There must be great communication between waiters and customers. As soon as a waiter picks up the bill and the table begins to be cleared, he should notify customers that their table will be out very soon. This can bring the next group in line together and have them ready to sit down almost immediately. The sooner you can bring customers to their tables, the less time they will be empty.

To help improve your seating system and make customers seated faster, pre-assigned tables to customers waiting in line, so that as soon as they open, customers can be seated.

Have a waiting area near the entrance, so waiters can easily find customers as soon as they are ready to sit down.

Another option to consider is accepting walk-ins only, so you don’t have to deal with no-shows who made reservations.

Keep your serving staff on schedule

Waiters must arrive at their tables within the first minute that customers are seated.

Drink orders must be taken immediately and water must be served.

Ask customers if they have dined at the restaurant before. If not, go over some menu highlights. Then you can simply review the specials.

If a large group is seated, you must have more than one server assigned to the table.

Clean dishes when guests finish their meals at the waiting place until they have left.

Keeping pre-rolled silverware and clean plates ready, so tables can be reset quickly, is another very good tip. Our glass polishers and cutlery polishers will help you have your glassware and cutlery ready for service changes.

If customers continue to stay long after their bill has been paid and there is a long line of customers waiting, it’s okay to politely ask them to continue their conversations at the bar, so you can seat someone else.

Upgrade your dining room

If your restaurant is really struggling with table turnover, consider rearranging your restaurant. Placing tables and chairs in the center of the dining room, away from corners and walls, will encourage customers to eat faster. Since the center of the room is usually the busiest and busiest place in the restaurant, customers will naturally eat faster.

It is important to note that this is more common in casual restaurants where people pay for prompt and adequate service.

Another update you can make to your dining room is to change your interior color scheme. Bright colors, such as red, yellow, orange, and green, raise a person’s blood pressure and rate. This excites them and unconsciously encourages them to eat faster, resulting in faster turnover rates. To match your establishment’s color scheme, consider painting the walls a vibrant hue, adding pictures and accent pieces, or serving meals on brightly colored dinnerware.

Make your menu more compact

It is sometimes thought that offering a larger menu will make customer decisions easier, when in fact it makes them more difficult. A good tip is to offer a smaller menu that includes only your most popular options. You can change the menu with the seasons or offer three unique specials each week. The point is, the sooner your customers decide what they want, the faster their orders will ship. This leads to shorter service times and higher flow rates.

These tips will help you get customers in and out of the door in a timely manner without making them feel rushed.

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