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When thinking of a restaurant, the first things that come to mind are the food and drinks. However, while these may be the main draws for customers, they are far from the only factors that contribute to the overall dining experience.

An often overlooked item is glassware.

Usually the first thing that is brought to the customer when seated is not the food. It is not even an appetizer. The first thing they bring you is a glass of water, usually followed by your drink order. Being glassware one of the first elements with which customers interact in the establishment.

Their glassware is where the dining experience really begins.

So choosing the best glassware options for your establishment is important. In this post we break down the most important considerations to keep in mind when trying to find the right glassware to enhance your drinks and delight your customers.

Style, durability and functionality are three key characteristics to consider when choosing the best restaurant glassware for your establishment.

These top three factors to consider when shopping for the right restaurant glassware are:


With style we want to cover everything that refers to the appearance of glassware.

This extends beyond the individual piece. It is important to choose varieties that not only look aesthetically pleasing on their own, but look aesthetic on the table, including food and drink.

Don’t just wonder which glasses you like best.

Decide what kind of look you are aiming to create for the entire establishment and how the choice of glassware will contribute to it. For example: Something simpler and more basic will change the emphasis on the drink and a more elegant variety complements your decoration.


By durability we mean how your glassware tolerates daily wear and tear throughout its useful life.

Glassware in restaurants must stand up to sinks, dishwashers, and staff. However, durability does not only come into play on the inside of the restaurant. The glassware must also outlive its customers. Consider your customer base when deciding which glassware to choose.

For example, restaurants that serve many families with children may want to look for longer-lasting varieties, more resistant to cracking and chipping when tipped over or hit with silverware, while this might not be the main concern in a high-end establishment offering catering services mainly for adult audiences.


With functionality we are referring to how glassware achieves its purpose.

As we have said, the purpose of glassware is not just to transport a drink from its container to the customers. The glassware should also enhance the dining experience as a whole. A glass with little functionality detracts from it, either because it is too heavy, too tall, does not fit well in a guest’s hand, or for any other reason.

A glass can look great or last for years, but it has to fit with all experience.


These three factors are the key to choosing the right glassware. Discovering varieties that satisfy this trio can sometimes be a challenge.

At Frucosol we want to do our bit, when it comes to caring for glassware in establishments, with our glass polishing equipment. Equipment that will help you keep the glasses and glasses in perfect condition of cleanliness, hygiene and presentation.

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