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Juices are making their mark as a healthy and delicious way to consume healthy products on a daily basis. Many food establishments are joining this trend. In this post we are going to show you the benefits of drinking juice for your customers, as well as the benefits of selling juice in your business.

Why make natural juice?

You may be wondering if adding natural juice to your menu is appropriate. It turns out that this seemingly temporary trend has been maintained due to its real health benefits for diners and customers. Diners may be looking to improve overall health, supplement their diet, or even combat allergy symptoms. Natural juice can provide these benefits and more to your customers.

What do you get from natural juice?

Benefits for your clients

Consumers are beginning to see the importance of caring for their bodies through healthy eating, and juices can contribute to this new lifestyle. There are almost limitless possibilities of products and complement options to mix in fresh juices. These juices are becoming a favorite among health conscious people. Things like spirulina, chia seeds, and even bee pollen are put into juices to further increase health benefits, for example. While you may not go that far in your offerings, natural juice can also provide a new experience for your customers. Many restaurants and cafes have incorporated their visible juicers in front of the bar so that their customers can see how their juice is made. Showing your juicer can improve your environment and demonstrate your commitment to serving healthy foods. As a result, this new experience can give your environment a positive and healthy feeling.

Juice can be added to your menu through the take-away options. Takeaway allows quick and easy ordering for customers on the go. The juice can also be added to your delivery offers through packaging and packaging. Bottling is an easy opportunity for you and a suitable option for consumption. Juice doesn’t just have to be for direct drinking – add it to drinks at your bar for delicious and unique cocktails.

Freshly squeezed juice is an excellent addition to the specialty drink menu. It is also growing in popularity as an additive to brunch cocktails. Nothing goes better with brunch than a mimosa with freshly squeezed orange juice!

Benefits of adding juice to your menu

Drinking fresh juice has many health benefits, but what are the benefits of adding juice to your business? You don’t need to start a separate juice bar to get the reward of selling juice. Restaurants, cafes and bakeries are beginning to offer fresh juice as an addition to their existing menus with positive results.

High profit margin opportunity

It is no secret that beverages have the highest profit margins in the food service industry. The high marking value is especially true for alcoholic and specialty drinks. Many restaurant chains offer drinks such as coffees, juices and smoothies in addition to soft drinks to help with margins. Higher priced drinks can generate additional dollars for your business and can add value especially to places that do not have the option to serve alcohol.

Improve your atmosphere

Do you often see people tag your business on social media? Do you read reviews that speak positively of your environment? If you answered “no” to one or both questions, your restaurant could benefit from adding a juicer. Serving fresh juice can provide an excellent imaging opportunity. Small changes like this will add to the overall experience in your restaurant or café.

Keep a fresh menu

A healthy and clean diet seems to be more than a passing trend in today’s market. Use the juice if you are looking to enter this expanding trend but don’t want to open your own health food business. Updating the menu in your establishment with some trendy offerings will help keep the public interested.

Spice up your bar

In line with specialty drinks, specialty cocktails can add variety to your alcohol menu. Restaurants are coming on board with the brunch trend offering “breakfast cocktails” like Mimosas and Bloody Marys, for example. Cocktails will instantly improve with the addition of fresh juice. If your establishment can serve alcohol, consider combining juices with their bar offer.

Seasonal characteristics

You can consider juices as a seasonal offer. You may not want to take the time to change your menu permanently, but you want to serve different items throughout the year. Create several specialty drinks for each season to experiment by offering juices with less commitment.

Why should I introduce juice on my menu?

In summary, the juice can give your customers a new experience and healthy options in your restaurant. Adding juice to your menu will keep you updated on trends and keep your customers. Specialty drinks like fresh juice have great margins if you include them on your bar menu for unique cocktails. Add a juicer to your equipment to impress your customers, keep their menu fresh, and add additional profit.

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