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Maximize your establishment’s space while promoting social distance.

You may be looking to reopen your restaurant or bar after the Coronavirus outbreak. To get your customers back on board and seated, it will be crucial to set up your eating space to promote healthy distance.  We have compiled our ideas to help you maximize the number of customers you can serve while continuing to maintain distance between customers.  With a little planning and the right equipment, you can set up your restaurant to serve your customers and keep them safe.

Room design while maintaining social distance

If your restaurant has a dining area, it is important to adequately space customers at all points in the space. Whether it is on an order line, sitting at tables or even in the bathroom line, your customers should always be separated to maintain a distance of 1.5 to 2 meters.  This can be a challenge in small spaces, here are some tips on how best to do it.

Space between tables

The tables should be separated so that customers can keep the meter and a half away while eating. Some customers can eat together, but they must be separated from other customers. Be sure to set up the tables and seats according to your reservations. 

If you have seats at the bar you should space out the stools so that there is more space between guests.

Remove unused furniture

If you space out the tables, you probably have furniture and tables that won’t fit in the space. Keep what you don’t need and you’ll keep your customers from feeling uncomfortable. 

If you can’t pick up the tables, consider adding a tablecloth only to the tables that can be used, and use signs to block the other tables.

Offer a sanitizer or disinfectant

Get disinfectant wipes or hydroalcoholic gel in your restaurant for customer use. This can increase the comfort level of the customers and will also promote sanitary conditions.

Mark space with lines for queues

The bathroom or checkout line may not be on your mind when you think about reopening your restaurant, but it is essential to space out the lines for proper spacing. Mark off well-distanced spaces for lines in the bathroom and exit/entry areas to keep customers safe. Use ropes or signs to mark 1.5 meters of distance for customers.

Use the outside space for additional tables

If your restaurant space is not optimal for social distancing, but you still need space to seat your customers, try adapting your outdoor spaces. Even if you don’t have a designated patio, you can easily seat customers outside using some creativity.

Patio Seating

Your restaurant’s patio can be a place to add extra seats. Space the tables like the interior seats to further promote social distancing. Be sure to store additional furniture that cannot be used due to space limitations and use your creativity to set the mood.

Terrace or parking space

Maximize your terrace by consulting the facilities they can give you according to territories. Do you have your own parking lot for your restaurant? Use part of your land for additional customer tables. This space can help accommodate more customers who otherwise would not be able to sit due to space constraints.

If you don’t have any outside seating, try folding tables and chairs for quick and comfortable seating.

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