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The hospitality sector is going through a state of uncertainty generated by the health crisis that we are going through.

Below we are going to see a series of measures and tips to try to minimize the economic impact that restaurants and other establishments are expected to suffer.

During these weeks of forced unemployment, a series of tasks can be brought up to date, which can later be very useful for the reopening of the premises.

Update warehouses and products, make detailed inventories, which then allow us to redirect sales to possible surpluses. Implement stock control tools, to optimize orders and avoid waste.

Take advantage to balance the template vacation. Thus, once we have a reopening date, the company may be one hundred percent to try to recover their numbers and normality as soon as possible.

Create concrete guidelines that help more fluid communication between positions of responsibility and operational positions. Surely the sector has to make changes in customs in customers. Having established channels of fluid communication will help normalize the situation and will be essential to minimize damage. Flexibility and a team that transmits serenity are going to be key.

This mandatory stop is also a good time to analyze the functions of each position and optimize their performance in the face of eventualities or changes that may occur.

Hygiene will be key in this new scenario for the hospitality industry.

This new health situation is going to make the hospitality and catering sector implement preventive measures in the establishments that mitigate as much as possible the risk of contagion to both employees and customers.

Establishments should implement some additional hygiene measures such as:

Monitor the health status of workers daily.

Inform and train workers on new protocols to safely perform their tasks.

Regularly clean and disinfect tables, counters and other surfaces that may be the focus of contagion.

Isolate elements such as remote controls, keyboards or elevator buttons that can contain the virus and that are difficult to clean with transparent protective plastic.

Make hand sanitizing fluid in bathrooms and public areas available to customers and employees.

Increase the storage of protective equipment (gloves and masks) and cleaning products (disinfectants, lyes and hydroalcoholic gels).

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