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Hospitality and restaurants are two of the sectors most affected by the measures taken to curb the coronavirus pandemic. Delivery has been presented as a small solution to alleviate the devastating consequences that this pandemic is having on the sector.

With this option, many establishments continue to serve customers thanks to the home delivery of food prepared in their establishments, which will help them alleviate the economic crisis derived from this exceptional situation and stop the destruction of employment, which will be one of the blots that stop this pandemic when it stops.

Delivery allows to generate income thanks to customer orders from their homes.

Restaurants, bars and other hotel establishments have had to stop their activity since they are not authorized to receive customers at their facilities. Many of them have long been offering home delivery service to send orders home. It is with this option that many establishments can continue to keep their kitchens open and be able to maintain the activity of their business.

The main health organizations have confirmed that it is safe to order food at home through applications or by calling your favorite restaurants; Since it has not been confirmed that COVID-19 can be transmitted through packaging, moreover some experts assure that it is a good measure to maintain social distance and a good way to prevent people from leaving home.

Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Glovo or Lola Market are helping to supply orders from restaurants and deliver them to customers who must necessarily be at home as the main measure of protection against the virus.

The vast majority of these platforms have incorporated numerous security measures, one of them the option that allows both customers and riders to choose contactless delivery when placing orders both from the application and from the company’s website. The companies are also working to provide sanitizing material to all of their delivery men.

In this way you can continue enjoying the delights of local restaurants without jeopardizing public health.

Another option is offered by BR Bars & Restaurants, which aims to help the hospitality sector by allowing them to generate income thanks to customer orders. The app is free to order and pay for bars and restaurants without waiting and from your mobile. They have started the # HosteleríaEnCasa plan to support the hospitality sector.

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