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Whether your restaurant, casual or elegant, large or small, your staff is the face of your restaurant.

They are the ones in the front line, greeting and serving your customers. So they should be as trained as possible, to provide the best customer service.

The positive interactions that your staff has with your customers can make the difference between loyal guests and those who never return.

In this post, we are going to give some advice when your staff serves drinks and becomes an excellent experience for your client.

It is important to train your staff correctly because drinks play an important role as part of the overall experience. Never make your customers wait for a drink, or you will have dissatisfied customers.

Use the appropriate types of glasses and cups. Teach your staff about the different types of glasses and glasses and which one to use according to the drinks requested by the client.

The drink order must be taken very quickly after the customers feel for the first time. If your restaurant offers water, waiters should bring it while greeting customers, since no one should be sitting and thirsty.

The waiters will leave the drinks menu to take orders as quickly as possible and serve them even faster.

When waiters serve drinks at the table, they must handle the glasses from the bottom. Waiters should never place their hands and fingers near the edge of the glass. Always handle glassware by stems, handles or the bottom of the glass.

When serving the table, follow the general rules of etiquette. Serve the guest of honor, if known, and women first, followed by men and boys. If there are older people at the table, also serve them at the beginning.

Customers should be served from your right side and then proceed around the table in order of seating arrangement.

The glasses should be removed when they are empty, so as not to waste your diner’s money. When filling water or glasses of wine, refill without touching the glass.

If your waiter cannot reach the cup or glass, you should ask the client to bring it a little closer.

When filling soft drinks, beer or a cocktail, remove the empty glass and then deliver the new drink.

When it comes to serving wine, you should always use a cloth napkin to wipe off excess drops from the mouth of the bottle.

You should also let the customer smell the wine and give their consent before serving it.

The wine glass is always held on the stem. The wine will stay cooler for longer if the heat of the hand does not press against the glass.

In conclusion, it is important that your staff is trained to serve drinks the right way because drinks are often as important to your customers as food.

In addition to learning the proper etiquette, their waiters must memorize their drinks menu, so that they can offer options to your customers.

Its overall objective is to provide the best customer experience, and well-trained waiters are the most important piece of the puzzle.

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