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February is a month of love, and people love to eat out. Valentine’s Day is a popular day for restaurants and one of the busiest of the year. To maximize your sales and meet all the demand, you must prepare well for these dates. This year, Valentine’s Day falls on Friday, which means you can have even more customers than you expected. In this post we leave you some tips to prepare your restaurant for the day of love.

-Start soon

A badly scheduled promotion does not make customers and can cost you money and time. Announce Valentine’s Day soon, to receive the best result. You must start the weekend before to get the best performance for your money. You can update your website, table menus and social networks with news of your promotions, and then repeat before the big day. Let your customers know the importance of making a reservation in advance so they have an excellent Valentine’s Day.

-Offers thematic promotions

Vary your promotions and differentiate yourself from your competitors. You can consider offering a four-course meal especially for Valentine’s Day, with a special chocolate dessert at the end. You can make bottles of wine at half price, a discount gift voucher for a dinner in the coming months …

-Be creative in the kitchen and bar

Do you want people to come to your restaurant especially for Valentine’s day? Take them to the door with food of love! Consider oyster dishes, heart-shaped dishes and, of course, chocolate. You can also name the dishes with creative names reminiscent of love. Don’t let your creativity stop in the kitchen, extend it to the bar. You can offer love-inspired combinations and give them a touch of glamor by serving them using a glass froster.


You don’t have to spend a lot to add a touch of romance to your restaurant! Candles add that special touch to the tables, and you can combine it with sprinkled rose petals. Other options for decorating your restaurant may be heart-shaped rugs and red and white heart-shaped garlands. Do not forget to have romantic music and low light.

-Use your social networks

In the days before Valentine’s Day, be sure to advertise on social media. Present an irresistible image that your customers cannot avoid and invite them to visit their restaurant for a romantic experience. Advertise your special offers, photograph your food and remind them of the phone to reserve.

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