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Every hospitality business has its ups and downs together. In most establishments there are certain time slots where there are very few or no customers.

In this post we are going to leave you with a few tips to attract customers during those times of day, but always thinking about the overall profitability of your establishment.

All these actions will help you increase the flow of customers to your restaurant or bar in those hours when your growth potential is untapped.

Avoid putting all the actions at once, you can start them in different periods and then choose those that are more effective.


Offer a toast, fruit, cereal or yogurt. A sure-fire strategy is to offer orange juice. Our professional juicers for the hotel and catering industry will make this task easier for you.

Another opportunity for extra sales during breakfast hours is to offer smaller foods, such as fresh fruit, some mix for the road and bagels for snacking later


It is a matter of promoting the aperitif before lunchtime. It offers appetizers at a low price based on the number of guests.

You have various segments of the public to attract in this action, for example, professionals who take advantage of a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere for their meetings, or mothers who meet between school hours.


Give discounts or free drink vouchers to your customers during peak hours to be redeemed during off-peak hours.


Live events are in trend in the bar and restaurant business. To obtain the best ROI, events must be organized on a recurring basis.

Another good idea is to organize events that encourage interaction between groups of people.


Usually between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm. The claim of taking something out for a lower price will attract those people who look at their budget to your establishment.

The discounts on drinks or 2x1 promotions, will assure you an increase in customers, but do not forget the promotions on food. While 46% of customers look for establishments with offers in drinks, 41% look for some offer in food.

Cocktails, combinations and special snack menus for happy hour will be star choices.

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