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Every year, restaurant owners should take a look at the new and ongoing trends in the hospitality industry and get ideas for their establishments.


In this post we will leave a summary of the main trends for 2020 in the hotel and restaurant sector.

Healthy and sustainable food

Younger generations are willing to pay higher prices for healthy meals specifically linked to buzzwords like GMO-free, all-natural or organic.

This new trend in restaurants will include marking up menu items that do not contain additives or are made only with all-natural ingredients.

To create healthier options for your menu, consider

– Eliminating processed or pre-packaged ingredients from your inventory.

– Focusing on seasonal products to ensure maximum freshness.

– Sourcing ingredients locally or from all-natural farms

– Serving smaller portions.

– Visibly marking your vegan or vegetarian options on the menu.

Pop-up restaurants

It looks like emerging restaurants and food trucks will be the trend. Emerging restaurants offer a fun experience that many diners can’t get anywhere else.

Haute cuisine has found pop-up events to be a way to expand its business. These are events, in which for one or two weeks a renowned chef takes over the kitchen of an international establishment or hotel to offer his menu to a new audience.

Delivery options

Delivery has increased again and again in the last two years. Two time slots are expected to increase their orders: breakfast and snacks.

Restaurant door-to-door sales should increase at a compounded rate of at least 22% per year over the next four years.

Adding a delivery service to your business is not that difficult. Decide carefully if you need the benefits of a third-party delivery service or if you can make a delivery system work independently.

Circular Economy

Concern about climate change is increasingly present in all areas, including in the hospitality sector. It is therefore essential to make better use of the product. It is a question of making the most of the investment in the product and improving the image of our premises in the eyes of the most responsible customer.

It is about implementing a circular management of resources. Including recycling policies, complete use of ingredients and management of leftover food. These policies within the restaurant must be communicated to customers if they are put into practice to generate ownership.

Change in ethnic preferences

Among the main restaurant trends is a change in ethnic preferences. Pan-Asian and Middle Eastern menus will be a trend.

Middle Eastern cuisine, remarkable comfort herbs and spices are appearing everywhere. This cuisine is one of the best fast and healthy food options available.

To develop an exceptional pan-Asian menu, look for classic Asian dishes that use the same family of ingredients. Then develop a short but diverse menu. New food trends in restaurants include the introduction of Spam Musubi, Singapore rice noodles or Bibimbap.

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