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Health inspection is a necessary regulatory measure. The state watches over the health of citizens. This control provides peace of mind and security to those who decide to eat out.

In the control of the sanitary conditions of the premises, there is usually some detail that escapes. Sometimes, failures do not occur because of lack of concern, but because of overwork, ignorance or inefficiency of a novice employee.

The inspector leaves no space unexplored. He observes, asks questions, moves objects, and writes down his observations on a sheet. He will also make suggestions, and talk to owners and employees. 

In this post we are going to point out the general practical advices that reduce the risk of sanction for the hotelier before a health inspection.


Good suppliers

A good supplier ensures a good product. The self-employed person is responsible for choosing the right suppliers to ensure the quality of goods and services.                        

Product rotation

Much depends on the decision of the owner and the availability of the supplier. A good rotation avoids storing products for too long and thus avoids expiration problems.

Products with their cards

Identify correctly on each package the type of product it contains and the date on which it was prepared. This aspect is of great importance at the time of an inspection and also facilitates our daily work.

Storage of products

The storage of goods by complying with issues such as the cold chain or the separation of products by type can avoid a large part of the sanctions.

Good maintenance

Maintaining in good condition the equipment or not neglecting the hygiene in the household items are essential issues not only in front of the inspection but also for the image of the business. Our cutlery polishers and glass polishers will help you in these tasks by increasing the level of hygiene.

Kitchen and bathroom cleaning

These areas deserve special attention. According to experts, having the kitchen and bathrooms in good condition will considerably reduce the risk of punishment.

Documentation in order

The inspectors often focus on having the documentation of the establishment in order.

Constant training and updating with regard to the regulations

It must be updated before any novelty that is introduced in the sanitary norms to prevent possible infractions. It is recommended that both the owner and the employees take courses and stay well informed. Knowledge is key to prevention in food safety and quality.


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