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It is estimated that 90% of customers read reviews and everything that is said about your business on social networks, forums and restoration portals. The online reputation is that it cannot be controlled, so it is important to reflect on what is said about our restaurant.

Restaurants and hospitality businesses in general can take advantage of all these websites to give greater visibility to your business and position yourself against the competition.

When you have a business facing the public you have to know how to fit the criticisms, recognize the constructive judgments and use them to improve the service.

Analyze the comments that are repeated and answer them. It is very positive for your business that customers feel heard.

Here are some guidelines to manage comments about your restaurant:

Respond on time and with cordiality.

Kindness and speed are key when responding. Do not allow more than 24 hours to respond to comments. Keep a friendly, conciliatory and close tone even if the review is negative. If any of the reviews is unfounded, you should pass it on to the user in a friendly way, always defending why he is in error.

Always be grateful.

You should always thank them for writing a comment, share or not the comment they made. Thank them for their willingness to help you and that you will consider their opinion.

Customize all you can your answers.

Avoid, as far as possible, repeat the answers you give. The more personal the more sincere your interaction with users will be.

Multiply the positive image of your business.

Positive reviews are an ideal opportunity to multiply the positive image of your business. Thank them for the comment and write a comment that will make you smile. You will create a positive feeling in that client and in the users who read it.

Commit to making changes.

Committing to make the necessary changes to improve the aspects that have been criticized in the comment, generates a lot of confidence in the users. Express your answer with empathy, sincerity and naturalness.

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