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August ends and September arrives, during this month people want to continue enjoying the last days of terraces. They want to take advantage of the last weeks of good weather and are eager to meet again with friends and family.

We tell you some small tips to get the most out of the last days of terrace during this month.

  • Organize an end of summer party on the terrace of your establishment.

A party to say goodbye to the summer with themed drinks and music will be a perfect attraction to attract customers. The idea is to recreate a summer and relaxed atmosphere where customers have a good time. You can suggest a dress code and accompany it with a special decoration.

  • Give a touch to the lighting.

At night we recommend the use of soft lights. The most economical and successful options would be LEDs and energy saving light bulbs. You can highlight your plants or some romantic corner with decorative lighting.

Putting candles on the tables creates a very cozy atmosphere and attract attention.

  • Showcooking on the terrace.

Prepare a list of special tapas to prepare live on the terrace, it will be very visual and attract customers to your establishment.

  • Live music.

Live music positively affects the customer experience and the impact on their purchasing decisions. It is an ideal ingredient for a romantic evening, such as a gathering of friends or a family gathering. It helps to enhance customer loyalty.

You can organize a quiet night with a singer-songwriter for your clients, or a more lively occasion with the performance of a dj that plays dance music.

  • Afterwork cocktails.

The return to work is always more enjoyable if you can enjoy cocktails and Premium drinks on the terrace after a day’s work. Take advantage of these last weeks of September to promote your cocktails.

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