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Cups and glasses are basic in the operation of a hospitality establishment. Sometimes they are broken because of their clients falling out and in other cases, due to accidents in their handling by the staff. In a restaurant or bar there is a lot of work and accidents can occur; Some breaks are inevitable but others can be reduced by following some simple tips for the care of glasses and cups.

It is common to discover, at the end of the year, that a significant amount has been invested to replenish and renew the glassware. It is one of the invisible costs incurred every day in a bar or restaurant, and that decreases the profits of the establishment.

Here are some guidelines and tips that will help you avoid breakage and reduce investment in the glassware item of your bar or restaurant.

  • Store and transport glasses and cups carefully; avoid as much as possible not to transport them in large quantities or stack them. These handling tips will avoid repeated impacts that will make the glassware more likely to break.
  • Avoid thermal shocks. Make sure that the glasses and cups have cooled before using them, so we will avoid cracking and breakage when adding ice.
  • Train your staff about the care they should have when handling glasses and cups. When serving and picking up the glassware, they should not take them by mouth or upper part. They must be picked up by the central part or the base; and the cups by the stem. This way you will avoid accidents and give a more hygienic and professional service to the customers of your establishment.
  • Never use glassware to collect ice directly from chambers or ice machines. Staff must use a plastic shovel to serve ice in glasses and cups, this is basic for employee safety.
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