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TripAdvisor and restaurants is a combination that goes hand in hand. It has become a source of fundamental online reputation for restaurants. It is for this reason that, nowadays, hoteliers from all over the world are striving to get good grades in this social network.

Digital marketing is one of the parts of the business that must be taken care of to achieve success, and use its benefits to improve the performance of your establishment.

In this post we continue sharing some of the tips that can help you optimize the Tripadvisor profile:

Location on the map

It is very important to appear in restaurant searches by area. Incorrect data in the location can lead to losing chances that you will meet new people.

Encourage your customers to leave a review

The most important of Tripadvisor are the millions of opinions of customers who do not stop joining the platform. Train your staff on the importance of encouraging clients to leave a positive review of their experience at the restaurant on TripAdvisor, for example, when it comes to keeping the account. You can do it in many ways. There are many options to encourage customers to give an opinion. In the establishment, the cards or brochures work well accompanying the account, always in a subtle way and with a kind comment by the waiter who attends them.

Responding to customer comments increases interaction. With negative opinions, you must have a left hand, be educated and humble. With the positive ones, first being grateful and contributing some original comment can help you in your interactions.

Promote your profile on your website, social networks and establishment

Give visibility to your profile on your website including a widget linked to the profile of the platform. You can also make a periodic publication in the rest of your social networks reminding your followers that they can review and rate you. And finally put on the door of your local tripadvisor badge and if you have any special badge do not hesitate to show it, customers are attracted.

A good presence on TripAdvisor, ensures a differentiation with respect to your competition from which you can get many benefits.

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