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Currently, the importance of being positioned in Google, having a good website, being active in social networks or taking care of our profile on TripAdvisor, is vital to survive among the competition.

The importance of these details can mark the future of your establishment. We must be aware that this digital world is of great importance in the impact with potential customers.

Currently TripAdvisor is the most important hospitality website in the world. TripAdvisor has become one of the most important sources of online reputation for hoteliers. The aspects that the users of this network value are mainly the quality of the service, the food, the facilities and the treatment of the staff.

Approximately 80% of users say they feel more secure if they check the comments on this website before going to a restaurant. For this reason it is very important that restaurants know how to take care of their reputation in this portal or similar ones.

Here are some tips to manage the profile of your establishment in Tripadvisor:

Complete your profile data

Your TripAdvisor profile is your cover letter to potential customers. This website is a great showcase for the public, so it is essential to have all the details of your premises correctly completed.

In addition to completing the basic name, address, telephone and email; It is important to complete the type of kitchen, the dishes, the schedule, the description of the business and all the extra services that it offers.

To multiply your visibility with tourists you can create an English version.

The importance of photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Choose attractive photos, can be your establishment, your best dishes, those things you want to highlight. For example, if you have a an avant-garde decoration, take the opportunity to show the different areas of your establishment. You must take into account the profile picture, it will be the one that causes the first impression to the client.

Restaurants that have between 11 and 20 photos receive twice as much interaction as those that do not publish images.

You can upload as many photos as you want, so take this to make some good photos that attract customers. The dishes, the dining room, the façade, a photo of the team, moments of service and any of the details that you think should not be missing from your profile.

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