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Our society is influenced by social networks. One of the networks with greater influence is Instagram for its eminent visual speech, easy to consume and easy to feed.

One of the industries that is receiving more impact because of this phenomenon is restoration.

They have increased searches for restaurants that include the word “Instagram”. This is why the restaurant industry is being revolutionized by the influence of Instagram, and that food is one of the great protagonists of this social network.

Out of all this current comes the concept instagrameable or insta-friendly restaurant, establishments whose decoration, lighting, placement and layout of the space have been specially designed to encourage customers to make and publish photographs on their Instagram profiles.

The decoration is a very important factor for a restaurant to be visually attractive and generate interest in being photographed for Instagram.

The users of this social network search the establishments that surprise them, something different, that the place makes them feel special or allows them to keep a different memory. Furniture, lighting, decoration, color ranges, textures … Any of these elements influence the experience.

The plates are the protagonists of the photos of the foodies. There are many options for plates but the idea is to highlight the colors of the ingredients, but you have to be more creative than using the typical white plates.

Food is another key element to be photographed and generate interaction on Instagram. It’s not just that the food tastes good, but that it looks good. The dishes should have a balance in ingredients and shades to give an experience for the instagrammers.

And finally a correct lighting, with natural and warm light improves the quality of the photos taken with the mobile, which increases the possibilities for users to upload photographs to their social networks and share their gastronomic experience.

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