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The thermometers allow to open the terrace season for bars and restaurants. This space of the establishment may be the best bet to achieve an increase in business numbers.

The terrace is an expansion of the place where we continue to welcome customers as we do inside. We have to take care of the theme, the decoration, the environment … being coherent with the one we project inside the premises. We must match the environment inside and outside without breaking the harmony of the establishment. Focusing the terrace as more calm, devising a special menu or providing it with a bar where cocktails are served can be some of the ideas to do so.

Many times it becomes the facade of the establishment and therefore becomes the first thing that customers see, becoming an element to get them to decide for your establishment and not for other bars or restaurants.

For a terrace to be profitable it must be attended by at least one waiter who not only takes the orders, but picks up as soon as the clients leave the table and prepares for a new client.

Another point in favor of the terraces is that they have become their favorite place for those who smoke, since it allows them to continue enjoying the social part of the bar without having to deprive themselves of doing something they like to do.

A good idea is to promote the consumption of cocktails among your customers, since they are products that allow a good profit margin.

The combos that include drinks of little margin of gain like the beer with other products of greater gain as it can be a cover or appetizer, also can be successful.

It offers a courtesy something like a serving of nuts, olives, potatoes or even popcorn, can help increase the amount of drinks consumed.

The terrace is an opportunity to improve and boost business. The success is in analyzing the environment, the establishment and betting on an idea that gives the terrace a different touch that makes it a place without equal and for customers in a particular experience.

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