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With the arrival of good weather and the spring season, the events in the restaurant increase. It is the propitious time to start the wedding season, and also in the month of May communions are usually celebrated.

The culinary celebration in the communions has more and more level, and the restaurants are forced to increase their variety in the offer to satisfy this demand.

The most important thing is usually the choice of the place of the celebration; a place with a family atmosphere and that can offer some freedom is ideal for this type of events.

Here are some tips to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Adapting a wide, discreet and intimate space in your establishment to celebrate this type of family events is important. Generally the group will want to be separated from the rest of the tables, from the normal clientele of the establishment.

The little things that can differentiate you from the competition and ensure you a good income. Table of sweets for children, castles and other inflatables for the little ones to have fun, hiring an entertainer, etc. These are details that can make customers choose your restaurant.

We recommend that the menus of the communions be careful but simple. Possibly there will be guests and diners of very different ages. The most appropriate menus are those that have a touch of distinction, but generic, for all ages and tastes.

Another possibility is to have the option of a special menu for children, which is well agreed with the client, since children tend to be the most difficult to satisfy.

The most common menu to celebrate a communion is one that has a variety of appetizers to share, one or two lighter dishes, and a last more forceful dish.

To end as a dessert a personalized cake that the boy or girl who celebrates their communion can cut.

Other gastronomic options that are being imposed in this type of celebrations are the alternative of buffet lunch or standing cocktails.

These tips will make you make the most of the season of communions in your establishment!

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