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This year in the calendar of April comes the Holy Week, a celebration that is related to the rebound of tourists who perceive the hotel and restaurant establishments in these dates so marked in our country.

The festivities associated with Holy Week, (pilgrimages, processions, holidays …) are a source of economic benefit for the hospitality industry. That is why many establishments prepare specific marketing actions for these dates to take advantage of all these outings to eat away from home.

One way to attract diners to establishments is to introduce dishes to the menu typical of these parties. We can recover in our menu the dishes of yesteryear, the spoon and in general the recipes based on fish, vegetables or legumes.


The simplicity is the protagonist in the typical suggestions of gastronomy of Holy Week and the previous period of Lent. The customs of Lent have forced the restaurant industry to create their own kitchen, trying to fulfill the vigils and fasts so that the public is not lost during these days.

The Lenten kitchen includes especially recipes with fish, and legumes based on consistent stews. Typical dishes of Lent are: cod stew with chickpeas, cod pil-pil, purrusalda, thistles, spinach with raisins and pine nuts, cod fritters …

Cod is inevitable in our menu during these days of Lent and Holy Week. It is one of the most popular dishes and the most popular recipe is Cod pil-pil.

Other traditional recipes of Lent and Holy Week are the widowed potatoes, the spinach of Lent and the Valencian esgarraet. Simple, healthy and delicious.

To finish the menu do not forget to include some of the traditional sweets so rich this time of year. In addition to the torrijas, these other traditional sweets that make us lose the papers: borrachuelos de batata, monas de Pascua, panquemao, bartolillos, fried flowers …

Create a kitchen in your restaurant, guided by the rhythm of the seasonal calendar and increase your demand!

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