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In hospitality a plan to save energy becomes indispensable, unless you want to incur unjustified costs.

In this post we continue with more tips that will save energy and optimize the use of what is available.

Use LED lamps

LED tubes or bulbs consume up to four times less energy and last 10 times longer than normal bulbs. Although they are more expensive in the medium and long term, they allow to save energy in important quantities. Also regularly clean lights and lamps, prevents dust blocking the intensity of its light.

Paint in light colors

Light and bright tones make the lighting reflect and distribute better. They also give a feeling of greater amplitude and enhance the lighting, avoiding the installation of a greater number of bulbs. Both natural light and artificial light manage to take better advantage of clear paintings.

Use efficient equipment

The high efficiency equipment or with more advanced technology allow a great saving of energy. Using obsolete or outdated equipment is a great expense in the long run as it requires constant maintenance to work effectively.

The initial investment may be high, but the savings that can be achieved are very large.

Currently, high energy efficiency equipment is manufactured. They come designed to save energy. One of the most critical cases is that of refrigerators and dishwashers, which if obsolete can spend up to 60% more electricity than the most modern ones.

One of our most efficient equipment for your establishment is the decarboniser tanks, an innovative cleaning system that will help you in cleaning tasks.

Regulates the thermostat

Correctly regulates the air conditioning and heating thermostat. Another good measure of saving is to change your centralized installation to an air conditioning by zones.

All these tips will make your management more efficient, sustainable and help protect the environment.

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