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Hospitality and catering are the sectors that best manage energy. Innkeepers are increasingly concerned about energy efficiency in their businesses. The consumption of light, the efficiency of the air conditioning, cooling or water heating systems are very important in the competitive strategy for restoration.

Facilities with refrigerators, ovens, irons, dishwashers, sinks and various kitchen equipment that work continuously. Adding the air conditioning of the establishment, areas with cold rooms and functional and decorative lighting; they result in a very high energy cost.


Here we have some tips to improve energy efficiency in your hospitality establishment.

Disconnect appliances that are not in use

Any device that is connected spends energy. If all the watts consumed by each device are added, during the time they are not used, the quantity begins to be appreciable. Some stand-by lamps consume up to 20 watts in such state.

Use good judgment to suppress your use of machinery that is not strictly necessary.

Periodic reviews of the electrical system

Electrical installations in perfect conditions mean energy savings. Periodic checks should be made and damaged or deteriorated areas should be fixed or replaced. In this way, energy is saved intelligently and greater security is provided to the local.

Take advantage of natural lighting

Natural light can be used both to illuminate and to regulate the temperature.

By day, simple actions such as keeping open curtains and blinds can make a big difference in the energy bill. In addition to saving electricity, this action benefits our health.

Install translucent segments on the roof, expand the windows of the facade, or install skylights are some measures that can be applied to take advantage of more natural light.

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