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Cocktail is a trend that still has a lot of room to exploit. It definitely begins to be part of leisure and culture. In our country, in particular, it is starting to explode now, and it still has a long way to go.

Cocktails and catering have come together in recent years and many haute cuisine chefs have also aimed to include cocktails as a pairing for their menus.

It is evident that the culture of the cocktail is booming and it does not seem that it is going to stop growing. By 2020 it is predicted that there will be 400 million new consumers enjoying the art of mixology.


Currently for an establishment having a bartender or mixologist means offering a premium service within a bar and stand out from the competition.

A bartender works inside the bar. Their specialty is cocktails or prepared glasses, that is, special drinks that involve a complex preparation that may even require special utensils. You must also have certain skills to mix all the ingredients of each cocktail in a showy way.

Treat the customers in a cordial, friendly and professional way when they arrive at the establishment are fundamental functions of the bartender. Offer them the drinks menu and know how to explain any of the queries that customers make about drinks.

Attitude is what counts most in a bartender, how they relate to the team and to the clients.

In some establishments, flair bartending is also practiced as bar entertainment. Flair is simply the efficiency of movement with a little enhancement, so that it is creative for the client’s eye.

An element that can help the bartender’s show is an instant glass freezer with CO2.

A bartender in summary must have the following characteristics speed, efficiency and quality in the drinks they serve.

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