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Valentine’s Day approaches and the lovers begin to plan for that day. The restaurants register a significant increase in visits, especially of couples, during this romantic day. So we want to leave you a few tips so your restaurant to succeed on Valentine’s Day.

Offers closed and original menus for that night

You can offer a closed price per couple which is always very attractive. In addition, you will be able to homogenize and systematize the preparation of the dishes, ensuring that customers have a shorter waiting time and a good experience.

Take advantage and include in your menu interesting creations that Will make customers choose your establishment.

Another great attraction may be to offer a vegetarian or vegan menu, a gluten-free menu, a menu of homemade desserts made without lactose, a menu for the meat lovers, a menu that includes aphrodisiac foods …

Create a romantic atmosphere

Low light, soft and romantic music, hearts, candles, changes in the staff’s wardrobe, predominance of red color, music and a rose on each plate, etc. On this date they are looking for a place that provides an intimate, quiet and romantic experience.

Decorate the space of your restaurant with romantic words. You will create a perfect atmosphere so that the good sensations sprout.

These details generate a huge impact that day in the perception of customers with a minimum cost.

Increase the type of public

Use the argument to celebrate the Day of Love and Friendship on February 14, you will attract more customers than if you only address the couples of brides, girlfriends, husbands and wives.

You can create a menu for singles or for groups of friends who also want to have a cool plan for that day. So you can give out the tables of greater capacity by offering it to these groups. Establishing some type of game on the tables will make your restaurant very attractive for this segment of the public.

Create a different memory for your clients

Make a photo with a polaroid during dinner or if you have space you can install a photocall to pose there when you arrive. They will love these kinds of details and will make you remember your restaurant.

You can also put a card wishing the best for the customers , give every couple a bottle of wine with a romantic theme, organize a small raffle … There are thousands of possibilities.

Generate traffic in your social networks

Use social networks to promote your Valentine’s menu and show all the details you have prepared for the experience. This will help them choose your establishment.

Promote your clients post photos of their experience by tagging your establishment offering a detail at the end of the dinner. It can be from a cocktail, a glass of cava, a sweet detail …

We hope these tips shoot the numbers of this beginning of the year in your restaurant.

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