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The appearance of the table marks the expectation of the diner and is a key element in the enjoyment of food. The correct assembly of the table of a restaurant is basic and primordial.

More formal events such as weddings, banquets, business dinners require a certain protocol in the placement of crockery, glassware and cutlery on the table. It is about knowing where and how each piece of cutlery is placed, the plates, glasses and the napkin. Take note.

The first items to be placed are the plates and the cutlery.


The plates should have a uniform separation and be visually balanced. They are the guide or basis of the rest of the elements. A separation of 45-60 cm and 3 cm from the edge of the table is recommended.

The underplates, of greater diameter and decorative go first, and are used as a base. Then, on the top of them go the flat plates and on them the bowls or the plates of appetizers.

The plates are placed according to the order in which they are served and they are removed always on the right side of the customer.

Food is not served directly in these dishes. The dishes will be removed for dessert where only that dish and the coffee are served.

The small plate of bread is placed on the left above the forks. The spreader if necessary will be placed on the bread plate.


The first thing that must be taken into account in order not to make any mistake in the use and placement of cutlery. This has to be done from the outside to the inside. That is, the cutlery furthest from the plate are those that are first used.

The cutlery must be placed two centimeters away from the plate. The knife and spoon are placed to the right of the plate and the fork to the left. The knife edge should face the plate and the handle should be facing down.

In the case of having more cutlery (fish, for example), the provision follows the same rules above taking into account the order of serving of the dishes.

We must also bear in mind that some dishes come with their own cutlery, for example of seafood they are accompanied by their pincers. The arrangement of these cutlery is usually always to the right of the diner.

The dessert cutlery is placed in front of the plate, perpendicularly in the gap that is created between the bread plate and the glasses. The spoon and knife with the handle to the right, and the fork with the handle to the left.

It is very important that you check that all the cutlery is clean and in good condition. For this task our automatic cutlery polishers will help you.

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