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The different bars and extravagant designs are attractive places for both city dwellers and tourists. Inspiration can come from any side: cinema, literature, art … you can focus on creating an interesting atmosphere or having drinks and cocktails with different designs and flavors. We show you top 5 bars where you can be inspired.

5. The future is now – Wikibar

The Wikibar is a bar located in front of the Louvre museum and surprises with its avant-garde and innovative design. It is based on the concept of Wikipeark, that is to say, an organic edible materiar that is used to wrap food and avoid the use of paper and plastic.

4. Taking advantage of the ruins – Ruin bar

This bar whose style can be like steampunk style takes advantage of the ruins of the city to create a unique atmosphere. These types of premises are enabled in abandoned buildings and the decorations are old objects that you would initially think could not fit together or fit together. Enjoy this type of chaos organized in different bars in Budapest.

3. Recycling is always good – Cross Club

Following the style of the Ruin Bar, we must also mention the bars based on recycling. It creates a futuristic environment in continuous movement and transformation: car parts, modern and old computers and machinery of all kinds. Visit the best known bar of this style, Cross Club, in Prague and let yourself be inspired!

2. Tales in reality – Bosc de les Fades

Lovers of fantasy and science fiction will enjoy this bar located in Barcelona. The Bosc de les Fades is set in a story – fairies and gnomes in a dream landscape: waterfalls, trees and other magical decorations.

1. Visiting the aliens – HR Giger Bar

The HR Giger Bar is one of the most popular bars with an Alien theme. Each corner and corner is full of details that you can not ignore if you are a fan of this saga. It was designed by the artist HR Giger and is a very good example of how one can be inspired by nature.
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