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Every bar keeper’s dream is to always have clean and cold cups for his clients, but this is not always possible. The glasses in a bar are limited but the big problem is another: there is no room to store many in the freezers and most importantly, the freezing process lasts too long.

To deal with these problems, usually they use ice, a good solution to cool drinks. However, ice not only brings happiness, it dilutes the drinks when melting and needs space, that is, large glasses in which ice and cocktail can be added.

Can you imagine instantly cooling your glasses and serving elegant cocktails without complications? The Frucosol glass cooler can do that for you!

This glass cooler has a modern and functional CO2 freezing system that freezes any type of glass or cups instantly. Some ice is created by the CO2 but this ice does not add any flavor to the drinks and does not melt like traditional frost. In addition, through the process of instant freezing the cups are sterilized and hygiene is improved.

How is the CO2 freezing process?

The process of freezing with CO2 is called cryogenic freezing. Carbon dioxide is stored at very low temperatures, up to -78ºC in the form of dry ice or pellets and up to -46º in the form of liquid. Carbon dioxide is a colorless and odorless gas with many uses: it is used to carbonate beverages, to pack in a modified atmosphere, to control the temperature and the deoxygenation of liquids or even to regulate the PH. This method of refrigeration has been used in the industry for more than 40 years, especially in the manufacture of frozen foods such as lasagna and prepared pasta in general, empanadillas, seafood, rice, hamburgers etc.

When the CO2 comes into contact with the glasses, it evaporates and absorbs the heat of the glasses, becoming a very cold gas that produces the frost of the glasses. In the case of the cooler, the dioxide is stored in a cylinder usually located in the eastern cabinet.

Do you want to know more about the cooler of glasses?

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